The Rainmaker Platform: A Review

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I would like to start off by mentioning that I prefer to use the WordPress platform as opposed to the Rainmaker platform. However, having said that, Rainmaker has been generating a lot of hype recently. One reason people are drawn to it is because it is marketed as an all-in-one platform that promises to take care of your every need. In reality, unless you are a web expert with years of experience in multiple practice areas, your website will still have some gaps to fill.

Rainmaker’s SEO Tools

The Rainmaker platform offers a variety of tools to help you optimize your website. Rainmaker SEO tools include:

  • PageRank Status – monitors and measures your rankings
  • Moz Tools – integrates Moz Tools into the Rainmaker platform
  • ExpressUpdate – a network that indexes business listings
  • Neustar Lacaleze – lists your business in a local business directory index
  • Yest PowerListings – digital presence management

Rainmaker does provide SEO tools that are great for your average Joe. You don’t need decades of experience and intense knowledge of SEO to do the work yourself. The tools were specifically designed for people with a narrow and limited understanding of optimization practices and techniques with exception to some of the Moz Tools. Huh, sounds pretty great, right? There is just one colossal downfall.

What This Means for Your Website

So you decided to use the Rainmaker platform and manage every aspect of your SEO campaign with basic tools. You’re all set, right? Wrong! These tools are inadequate simply because they are basic in nature. The only exception might be a handful of the Moz Tools, but if you aren’t already familiar with them you will need to invest some time learning new skills. Still, these are not a comprehensive set of SEO tools. A successful campaign to drive more traffic to your site is comprised of many different components like social media, press releases, content marketing, and back-linking techniques.

You also need to be aware of the most challenging part of any SEO campaign, which is experienced on any web platform. What’s the biggest challenge? The competition, of course! Regardless of what platform you choose, any SEO campaign will leave you competing with industry experts as you battle it out and muscle for rank.


Every time you do a Google search and see the top ten results, how do you think those sites got there? Was it a happy accident? Did a newbie with no experience get lucky? The reality is this. If you want to make it to the top to get relevant rankings, you are going to need to outperform experts with years of experience who have more tools in their toolbox than you do.

It takes a fair amount of discipline and a thorough understanding of ranking techniques to successfully raise your ranking to a relevant standing. To be completely honest, this takes a lot of time. Oh, and guess what? Your competition isn’t using tools that were developed for newbies. Though the Rainmaker platform does have many benefits, I would steer clear of the SEO portion if you don’t know what you are doing.

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