WooCommerce to ChannelAdvisor Integration

WooCommerce to ChannelAdvisor Integration


Are you using WooCommerce to sell your products and need a knowledgeable team to integrate your products with ChannelAdvisor? We’ve done it, and can do it for you.

Normal integration time is just three weeks, instead of the six that your ChannelAdvisor salesperson will tell you.  Our team can have you up and running in half the time it normally takes.

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If you need assistance setting up your products into ChannelAdvisor, we can help you.

Our experienced team will help guide you through the entire process, from signing up for CA, to launching your products on your first selling channel (we recommend Amazon).

If you want to sell your products on Amazon, eBay, Wal Mart, Sears and more, ChannelAdvisor is a terrific platform to get you started.

While integration isn't cheap, neither is paying a web person to juggle three or five different spreadsheets of your product. Since each selling channel wants a different 'feed', modifying something as simple as a product price can quickly become a nightmare! And do you want to pay a web person to go into each system individually and update that price, description, or inventory amount? You may pay someone an hour's work when it could be done in minutes.

Yes, we're fans of ChannelAdvisor's system. We are not affiliated with them in any way, but we have helped companies save money by consolidating all of their listings into the CA system. In addition to saving money by having one dashboard, you also increase your sales because you can quickly launch to new platforms.

In addition, we can help you decide the best route for pricing. Standard pricing is ok, but the CA system also lets you use their algorithmic repricing technology which gets your product in front of more eyeballs.

Additional Expenses

Now, there are a few other expenses you may incur. The most common yet least known expense is for UPC codes. All the major shopping channels now require UPC codes for new products.  In some cases, your manufacturer will provide those, but many times this is not the case.  While UPC codes aren't expensive, they will be needed in order to get your products live.

You may also need to purchase an export plugin for your current shopping platform. These plugins usually aren't too expensive - in the $50 range. They help make pulling the product data from your website much easier.

Lastly, you may also need to pay for the selling channels themselves. Amazon, eBay, and many others have a monthly fee just for being on their platform. While we can help you set these up, you would have to pay for the selling channels separately.


One of the "scariest" parts of expanding your products to new channels it their sheer power online. Listing a product that is currently seling well on your own website could actually cause it to not sell as well - because Amazon (for instance) could simply outrank you for your own product. While there are safeguards to doing this (custom titles and descriptions, for example), these are not covered in our integration services. To be really safe, we'd recommend you write custom titles, descriptions and bullet points for each selling channel.

Yes, that can be a lot of work. And yes, we can do it for you with one of our ongoing maintenance plans.

Backwards Benefits

One of the best things about integrating your products into the ChannelAdvisor system is that the data gets better. Your descriptions, titles, pricing, etc are all looked at, and therefore modified to be more appealing and desireable by customers. These modifications can then be put into affect on your own ecommerce site as well. It's a great tool to make your website even better.

In addition, going through this also lets you look at your products and vendors in a new way. The more products you sell, the more leverage you'll have with your vendors. And this can lead to cheaper costs and higher margins.

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