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Webinar Offer: First Facebook Funnel Setup




Get immediate, targeted traffic to your website with your first Facebook Cold Traffic and Retargeting campaign.

Ready to start building your email list and get more warm leads? As mentioned on the webinar…

  • 1 Cold Traffic campaign
  • 4 Retargeting sequences
  • 1 Landing page
  • Your pixel setup
  • Custom website audiences created
  • Offer delivery via your email service provider
    (don’t have one? Get 14 days free from ActiveCampaign)


A Simple Start

  • The Facebook funnel shown on the right of this page

  • Immediate (and targeted) traffic to your website or landing page

  • Returning ‘warm’ traffic

  • Emails and contact info from warm leads

What You’ll Need

  • An offer/lead magnet

  • An Email Service Provider (we recommend ActiveCampaign)

  • 3 blogs of pieces of content

  • An idea of a daily budget you’re comfortable with (can be as little as $10/day)

What You’ll Get

  • The funnel shown above built for you

  • Immediate (and targeted) traffic to your website or landing page

  • Returning ‘warm’ traffic

  • Email addresses and contact information from warm leads

Offer Details

This offer is only available to new RCM clients that are not already using our Facebook ads service.

Limit one purchase per company.

We will help you set up your own Facebook Business account and you will be responsible for the daily budget outside of the charges related to this offer. Campaigns can be turned off at any time and no further charges will occur.

Ongoing ad maintenance is not included, however we’d love the opportunity to help you continue to make this and other campaigns a success for your business. Ask us about how we can help you build a more intricate and specific funnel.

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