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Get the “Ten Thousand Foot View” of how Google sees your website – the good and the bad. This audit takes about 3 days to complete and we share all the results on a recorded conference call for your records.


Get a full audit of your website – what Google sees that you’ve done right, and what you’ve done wrong (or not done at all!). Audit deliverables include:

  • PDF of audit overview/results
  • Full listing of all pages, titles, descriptions, and heading tags for every page on your site
  • Backlinks report for your domain
  • An overall “health score” of your site
  • An audit of your home page for usability and SEO
  • Keyword research of the top words that will send you traffic, plus which competitors are ranking for those keywords
  • Content gaps (opportunities) that will help your site rank
  • Recommendations and next steps

This audit typically takes us three days to complete. After purchase, we will reach out to you to schedule the review. You’ll need an hour, maybe a little more.

In many cases, questions arise after we’ve done the review. We are more than happy to answer all of those as well.

Here’s an example of the audit PDF – this one for our own business.  And yes, even we have work to do!

Download SEO audit example PDF for Red Canoe Media

NOTE: This file looks a bit confusing to the average business owner, but remember that our results conversation will explain any/all of the results found here as well in the other documents that we provide.

Additional information

Audit Type

Comprehensive SEO Audit, Comprehensive SEO Audit + Competitive Analysis


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