One Hour Mastermind Intensive with SEO Expert Will Hanke


The one hour mastermind intensive that can change your business forever.

If you’re ready to really kick ass this year, this is the first step.  Only nine slots available.

NOTE: If your slot if not paid for in 24 hours, your meeting will be canceled and the time slot will be opened back up to the next person.



It’s time to get serious.

Serious about your business. This year is already a quarter of the way over and you’re still sitting there without a marketing plan.

Maybe the thought of doing SEO on your site is too much.

Maybe you’re just self-sabotaging yourself to stay in your comfort zone.

Or maybe you’re just unsure of what steps to take next.

Whatever your reason – sorry, excuse​​ – is for not making this year your best ever, it’s time to get past it.

And it starts with committing to sit down with me.

Over the course of one hour, ​​you and I will sit and talk about your business, your website, and we’ll come up with a plan that will lead you to more leads and sales this year.

You’ll have that time to ask me anything about marketing and SEO as it pertains to your business. We’ll talk about whatever confuses you, or we’ll just get to work and I’ll give you an hour’s worth of feedback on your site from an search engine perspective.

Whatever you want to get accomplished, we’ll do that. And more. You’ll leave the meeting with a plan.​​​​

​​You’ll have your next steps – the steps to a better future and increased revenues.

This is the most productive and informative hour you’ll spend this month.  And the best part – ​​it won’t cost you a fortune -in fact it’s just $147.​​

Where else can you get honest, business-changing advice from a twenty-year marketing veteran, sought-after speaker and SEO guru for that price?  

Nowhere, that’s where.

Grab a spot because there are other smart business owners out there that want to get ahead.  Don’t wait.

Yeah, there are only a few slots each day. I want to make sure I can fully concentrate on your business and your future.
Your competition won’t know what hit them.​


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