Float Trip SEO Package


For those that just want to test the waters and get their feet wet – our Float Trip package is perfect for the single small business owner (“solopreneur”) that wants to make a little more of a splash over the coming months.

This package includes two hours a month of our staff’s time to focus on your business, website, and content. Plus we’ll also get a totally unique industry-related article written, approved (by you), published, and optimized.

NOT Recommended for ecommerce websites.

Renews monthly, cancel any time.



The Luxury of an Experienced SEO Team at Your Fingertips

Do you need the help of an experienced SEO team but don’t have the revenue to spend thousands a month to get it? We understand, and after many years helping large brands like Carhartt and others, we have come to realize that small businesses need every advantage they can get.

You’re wearing a lot of hats. And those hats include marketing – the one thing that not many business owners know how to do well, nor want to do at all!

With our monthly Small Business SEO Packs you can customize how much work you need done, what keywords or keyphrases you want to go after, and more.

Not sure, we’ll do some keyword research for you!

Even if you aren’t sure where to start, that’s ok. We’ll do an SEO evaluation of your website and give you a customized plan of attack for the coming months. We’ll set up reporting so you’ll see your keyword ranking changes, and we’ll work on your website every month to make sure it’s running smoothly.

A Plan That Won’t Break the Bank

Yes, marketing takes money. And without it, making more is pretty tough to do.

Our team of experts will work on your site each month, provide the reporting you need to understand your current position in the digital world, and we’ll also give you ideas each month that you can implement on your own to make an even larger impact.

In the first month of this each package, we’ll run a full SEO audit of your website to identify potential problems with your website, do keyword research, and provide a plan for your website over the next year for the best SEO results. Then we’ll implement those changes each month to make sure you’re on target!


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Ride the Tide ($799/mo), Rapids ($499/mo), Float Trip ($299/mo)


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