We thought we would go back and look over this past year to see the top 10 most popular posts visited on our site. Here’s what made the cut:


Title: Digi Know Episode 33 – Facebook’s Ad Battle, Unwanted Commercial Breaks and Twitter Shutting Down

About: In episode 33 of the podcast, Andrew and Will chat about Facebook’s continued efforts to thwart ad blockers, their new mid-roll ‘commercial breaks’ and #SaveTwitter – the hashtag that’s spreading a rumor about Twitter shutting down.  Plus, order food from a Google search and how one business made $10,000 in just a few hours with Pokemon Go!


Title: How Creating Content Means More Profit for Your Business [2nd Edition]

About: Content creation doesn’t have to be scary – it should be something every business owner wants to get done. Afterall, it means more profits!


Title: Doing Social Media Right

About: I have a different philosophy on social media than many. And if you’re a small business owner, you may want to pay attention.


Title: Identifying Target Markets and Understanding Your Audience

About: If you haven’t even thought about the identity of your target markets, you are failing to take advantage of a huge opportunity.


Title: 7 Tips for Small Businesses with Low Marketing Budgets

About:  Not every small business has a ton of money to spend on advertising. For those with low marketing budgets, try these 7 tips and reap the traffic benefits!


Title: The Best Free Tools for Spying on Competitor’s Websites

About: Spying is weird, fun & a little creepy. But don’t you want to know what your competitors do behind closed doors that could be better than what you’re doing?


Title: Top WordPress Plugins You Need for 2016
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About:  There are a few plugins that are a bare necessity as we move into 2016. These are the top WordPress plugins we’ll be using in the coming year.


Title: 4 Reasons Your Leads & Sales Aren’t Growing Like You’d Wish

About:  Have you ever thought that perhaps you have plenty of leads, but aren’t handling them correctly? Here are a few tips to help you plug a leaky sales funnel.


Title: 7 Tips for Doing Your Own Website Maintenance [2nd Edition]

About: 7 tips that will help any small business owner that has to do their own marketing. These DIY website maintenance tips mean more sales & leads!


Title: Local SEO: Factors that Influence Your Local Rankings

About:  We don’t know every detail about how Google calculates rankings, but we can look for clues: here are a few factors that influence your local SEO rankings.


Title: Big Changes: Google Updates their Algorithm Again: Penguin 4.0

About:  Over the years, Google has been hard at work honing their search algorithm and releasing further Penguin updates. On 9/23/16, they made the latest update.

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