NTR24: Jay Grosman, CEO and Founder of iAuto Agent

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Business Profile: iAutoAgent

If a person can be defined by those things he is passionate about, then Jay Grosman can be defined by his love of family, his concern for others, his integrity, his passion for vehicles and his commitment to his clients.

Jay began his career in automobile sales 19 years ago, working as an Automotive Professional at a leading car dealership in St. Louis MO.

JABP_060408_87-finalAfter 19 years as a leading salesman in the St.Louis market, he was frustrated with the status quo. The lack of transparency, the low trade-in values, the long, uncomfortable-for-the-customer dealership experience, all of it! Every time he had to give customers the low trade-in value of their car, he was delivering bad news. He knew people’s cars were worth more, and he wanted to give that value back to them. He wanted to do something better, something new. So Jay decided to jump out of the car sales business and designed a totally new way for people to sell their pre-owned cars.

“I am proud to say I am the CEO of iAuto Agent –a totally new concept for the sale and purchase of pre-owned cars in the St.Louis area and beyond. We eliminate the frustrations and hassles of trading your car to a dealer and having to accept a price that’s always less than the actual value of your car. I’m confident my company will appeal to you and the thousands of clients I’m privileged to serve. Our company’s motto is “Don’t Trade. Get Paid.”

Jay feels that his career success can best be measured in his approach to customer service, his passion for building relationships, his knowledge of vehicles, his innovative marketing programs, and his unfailing desire to serve his customers.

In this business profile interview, find out things like:

  • How this one-of-a-kind business model works
  • What almost 20 years of sales taught Jay
  • Jay’s biggest struggle with explaining how his business makes revenue
  • What Jay would do if he had an unlimited marketing budget

Find out more about Jay’s business at www.iAutoAgent.com

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