NTR23: Thad James, SAMMY J Balloon Creations

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Business Profile: SAMMY J Balloon Creations

Thad James started entertaining and amazing audiences for over fifteen years using balloons of all shapes and sizes. What started as a hobby grew to a thad no beard5 10-22-12passion and developed into a full-time business. SAMMY J Balloon Creations excels in offering unique sculptures and designs for a variety of events. While Thad spends a lot of time blowing and twisting, he’s very interested in expanding the tools to grow his company. Thad is constantly learning the latest techniques on marketing, social media and networking. Standing out from the crowd is a focus of SAMMY J Balloon Creations.

In this business profile interview, find out things like:

  • How Thad’s business model is more than just birthday parties
  • Thad’s biggest challenge with building his business
  • How Sammy J Balloons became the first ever business to be invited back to a local home show
  • Lots more!

Find out more about SAMMY J Balloon Creations at www.sammyjballoons.com

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