NTR18: Pricing Expert Dale Furtwengler

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Do you think you’re under charging? Or do you have any idea if you’re charging enough?  This week’s guest will help you understand how to price yourself according to which types of clients you want to attract.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why business owners struggle with pricing.
  • What is it that customers are really buying.
  • How business owners typically come up with their pricing.
  • What the wrong approach is.
  • What it takes to get premium prices.

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About Dale Furtwengler

Dale Furtwengler helps his clients get higher prices regardless of what their competitors or the economy are doing. He’s the author of the internationally acclaimed book, Pricing for Profit. His latest book, Become a MAVERICK: Grow your business using the unconventional strategies of world-class companies was released in January 2015.

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