NTR17: Cold Calling Expert John Eyres

Table of Contents

You’ll Learn:

  • How to use different lists for successful calling programs
  • Why you should have a well crafted script to use on the phone.
  • How to use the phone to your advantage.
  • Why the person calling needs confidence for a successful calling program.

BONUS Video Footage for Red Canoe Elite Members:

  • Sharing trade leads with a person in similar industries
  • Law of 250 – What is that?
  • How to use VM Messaging – 5 different key components.
  • Find out about Red Canoe Elite

Links Mentioned in this Episode

BCC JohnEyres photosAbout John Eyres

My name is John Eyres, my company is Business Connections Consulting. I’m a business owner, speaker, trainer, and author. I am an expert at the Art & Science of Cold Calling People hire me because they want to increase their sales, attract new business, and they don’t care that much for cold calling. They want to do this because telemarketing is just one of the key tools in the marketing TOOLBOX to create new business, and my company is very cost affordable. They know that telemarketing leads to face to face meetings that initiate proposals, which conclude in sales that make you money.

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