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NTR16: Experienced Trademark & Copyright Attorney Morris Turek

Part of running a successful business means having your legal ducks in a row – protecting yourself and your brand from thieves and competitors.  A big piece of your branding is your logo and tagline, so having those protected – and knowing why that’s needed – is what we’re talking about in this episode of Navigate the Rapids.  Attorney Morris Turek breaks it down for us in this very enlightening and educational session.

You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between trademark and copyright law
  • How to find out if someone is infringing on your protected assets
  • What “fair use” means and how to determine if you can use someone else’s trademarked work
  • What do to if you get a cease & desist in the mail (hint: it’s a serious matter)

BONUS Video Footage for Red Canoe Elite Members:

  • Registering your competitor’s trademarks: What can you get away with?
  • Buying competitor’s domain names: What can you get away with?
  • Who owns photographs or articles when you hire someone to do them?
  • What two line sentence you should add to every content-creation contract (including photographers)
  • Find out about Red Canoe Elite

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Morris PhotoAbout Morris Turek

Morris Turek is a trademark and copyright attorney located in St. Louis, Missouri. He helps entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations, and educational institutions avoid the high costs and devastating effects of being sued for intellectual property infringement. Morris focuses his practice of law almost exclusively on trademark and copyright clearance, federal trademark and copyright registration, intellectual property litigation, and intellectual property licensing. He is a 2005 graduate of St. Louis University School of Law and is the owner and founder of

Find Morris on Twitter: @TMAttorney

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