NTR 11: Video Marketing Guru Mason Duchatschek

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Most business owners still aren’t taking advantage of video marketing like they should (if at all!).  In this broadcast we talk about video marketing, and how consumers are using it to leave reviews on businesses – hurting their bottom line.  Mason also talks about his book (which I’m a co-author) and gives some great tips on avoiding and dealing with bad online reviews.

You’ll Learn

  • What is an Internet Boogeyman?
  • How to spot an Internet Boogeyman
  • What you should NOT do if you run across a bad review about your business
  • How to neutralize customers before bad reviews happen
  • Mason’s thoughts on the best content creation methods
  • What you can do offline to avoid an Internet Boogeyman

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About Mason Duchatschek

Untitled-1Mason Duchatschek is a #1 Amazon.com best selling author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur who helps business owners attract, capture, and convert more of their ideal prospects into customers both online and offline, even if they find web and social media marketing options overwhelming.

As a true “multi-preneur,” Mason heads the companies AMO-Employer Services, IncBuildatribe, LLC,  and BusinessWebVideos.com, which have helped over 1,000 companies maximize the capabilities of social media and web marketing technologies and the people who implement them. He has provided consulting, speaking, and thought leadership to major corporations such as Miller Brewing, Land O’Lakes, and Purina Mills.

Over the last 20 years, he has coauthored the books Sales Utopia, Attract, Capture & Convert and Defeating an Internet Boogeyman. And, his ideas have been featured in Selling Power, Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, and Fox News.


Will: Hey everyone, hope you are doing well today! This is the Navigate the Rapids broadcast. Today is January 2nd, 2015 so if you are listening to this in the recent time, hope you had a good holiday season. Here we are back at it again! It is another Friday, another broadcast and today  have a great guest, Mason Duchatschek. We are going to talk about some things that business owners do not necessarily want to hear about and that is all the bad people out there trying to ruin your business and your reputation. But it something that we really need to know about more than all the good stuff. I talk a lot about all the SCO factors and all the things you have to do to make your website good but we do not often talk about the things that. can sneak up on you from behind and screw things up.

My guest today is Mason Duchatschek, as I said. He is a Number 1 Amazon Best Selling Author, key note speaker and business marketing expert that I think can help each and every one of you attract, capture and convert more of your ideal prospects online into clients. He also has amazing ideas and advice on how to repair, build and protect your reputation online. Some of his ideas have been featured on Selling Power Magazine, New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News and  News Week. So Mason, thanks for joining us today

Mason: Pleasure to be here, thanks for having me Will!

Will: You have quite a list of thing that you have been featured on that is pretty awesome!

Mason: Thank  you

Will: So we are going to talk a little bit about what we have called the ‘internet boogy man’, which is a book that you have written and we will talk a little bit more about that.  But prior to get into that tell me a little about your background, I know you have done some work with building tribes and things like that. Tell me about that.

Mason: I am an entrepreneur at heart and  I own several different businesses and really embrace the online and social media marketing stuff a few years ago. Out of frustration I was listening to Tony Robins and Frank Kern interview. Frank Kern made the comment in the interview that ‘if what you are doing is not working then that is good news because at least you know now that a lot of the old school methods of sales and marketing are not working like they used to and may not change, if anything they will get worse,’ he said now is they time t start learning the new ways to do things. So I really had been frustrated that a lot of the old school sales and marketing methods were not working and in the old school method there are only so many ways to reach a business owner if you are marketing. You can reach them by mail but Americans sort their mail by the trashcan and now they are not reaching them. You could call someone by telephone but it is not enough to get passed the receptionist, now you have to be able to get passed caller ID twice because now the receptionist and the decision maker have it and if they do not know   who you are and why you are calling they are not going to take your call. You can do advertising on radio or TV but now with TV people record digitally a lot of their shows and fast forward through the commercials and on the radio they change the channel.

It has just never been more difficult. The walls that separate prospects from people trying to sell and market to them, those walls have never been thicker or taller. I realized that several years ago and said I need to embrace this new technology, social media and online marketing and find an alternative way. In the goal of building my own businesses I really fell in love with all of these new tools, technology and strategies. I have been blessed to have had some success with it and have people who are willing to pay me to have the same.

Will: Awesome! So tell me a little bit about build a tribe, we will tackle that 1 1st.

Mason: Build a Tribe is the site where people can go to learn about how to build their business online. The sister site to that is business web videos where people can actually execute those strategies and tools with some our help and some of our tools. Anyone that takes the time to visit buildatribe.com right now I am offering my bestselling book ‘Attract Capture and Convert’, the entire audio book from the front to the end that I have read in the study for free. It is available for anyone who enters their name and email on the form of that page, it will get sent to them automatically. Build a tribe is about how to build your business online and business web videos is more about the tools to help execute it

Will: So what is a tribe?

Mason: Tribe is your friends, fans, followers, evangelist for you and what you offer. They are the 1s that will go out of their way to tell other people like them about you. Those are the people that like, trust and support you and are thankful for your knowledge and expertise and ability.

Will: That is good to have for any business, and we should say there are different levels. I have some followers that follow what I do and then I have fan or I like to call them cheerleaders, people like you said that will actually go out of their way to tell someone else ‘hey you have to meet this guy or hook up with this company.’

Mason: Those are the 1s that make the effort worthwhile. When you knowledge, skill, ability (06:14) can help improve their lives and businesses in ways that are so powerful that they appreciate it and they go out of their way to share what you have done with others, that is my main goal, why I do it.

Will: With the internet it is a lot easier. In the past you could only build a tribe with the people you met and word of mouth, your fans telling other people. now you can build content and out things out on the web and attract people that you may never meet but they are still considered your fans. Very awesome! I was blessed enough to get an email from you asking to help write the book, so tell us the title of the book we are talking about

Mason: The book I have right here is ‘Defeating an Internet Boggy Man.’ I wrote that with your help and Adam Barnes. The feedback we have gotten since we put it out is very positive, a lot of business owners  said ‘I knew I needed this stuff but I had no idea how to do it.’ Very positive feedback and it makes all this worth while

Will: I swooped in and helped with some of the CSO stuff, but this is pretty much your baby. Tell us what exactly an internet boggy man  is.

Mason: An internet boggy man is anyone who is a dissatisfied angry or hostile past customer or client. Sometimes it is just a jealous competitor posing as a upset past customer whose intention is to smear you, your company reputation and your brand online. In the old days, marketers would go to business owners and say ‘hey you need to invest in advertising so that you create top of the mind awareness in your prospects. So when they recognize and need what you have to offer, they call you.’ Advertising sales people would convince business owners that they need to come up with creative ads, catchy jungles and they needed to repeat them often to build that top of the mind awareness. Unfortunately the new step in that new step is internet research. I have seen statistics upwards of 90% of people will go online to do research before they make a major purchase. But I am even thinking minor purchases, if people think of a company they are going to look them up on their tablet, mobile phone or computer to find out this company’s address, hours of operation, do they have what I am looking for in stock before they get in a car an and make the trip. When they go online the goal of the internet boggy man is to have disparaging, hateful material there for a potential customer to see that would drive them elsewhere. An internet boggy man places themselves in front of a prospect in their online checking out that potential vendor.

I can think of 1 of my favorite stories to tell and we talked about it in the book, there was a particular hair restoration company that advertises very heavily on radio and television. If you were in this particular market and this particular city, you would know this doctor’s name, and they even say in their ads, ‘go check us out online.’ When you do there is someone who has had a very bad experience with this doctor, posted a site with this doctor’s name/nightmare and right next to that is a YouTube video which features necrosis of the scalp which is disgusting and it will turn your stomach to look at this video that is so disgusting and this person basically had their head, scalp destroyed. I have yet to see anyone look at that video and not just turn around, it is repugnant, gross, disgusting. I did the math on this, and since that video has been up, it averages about 1,000 views per year. If the doctor is charging 10,000 per procedure that is about 10 million dollars a year in potential lost revenue, even if 1/10 of those people who actually heard the ad, went online to check it out were legitimate prospect who were likely to buy, 10% is still a million dollar a year problem.

The question I like to ask business owners is if you have someone who was embezzling 1 million dollars a year from your business how long would you wait to fix it? I would not wait at all, I would take care of it right now. The problem that they all have is they do not know how, and that is why we took the time to write the book Defeating the Internet Boggy Man.

Will: I mentioned that it is the holidays and I have a son in the air force, he came home for a couple days and they are getting ready to head back. They are in New Mexico, which is quite a drive, we are in St. Louis and I think it is around a 16 hour drive. I said ‘I will get you a hotel halfway so you can make it a 2 day trip and it will be a little easier.’ The 1st thing my wife does is to pull up hotels.com and instead of going to even the reviews on hotels.com they have another section called guest rating which is very interesting. It is actual people that they followed up with later on. She goes through those reviews and a hotel is kind of an obvious business along with a restaurant that people typically look at the reviews prior to deciding if they are going to go there. But more and more small business as getting reviews online whether they like it or not, if you are not watching those it could be a problem.

Mason: That is just scratching the surface. In doing research for the book Defeating the Internet Boggy Man, I have seen 1st hand auto dealers who have spent big bucks advertising and you go on the internet and not only do you see bad reviews, but entire websites dedicated to telling the story of how this or that particular auto dealer took advantage of  them, mislead them, treated them poorly. You might think 1 person had a bad experience but when you see multiple people saying those things there is something to it. I see videos people make to tell their story or blog posts, articles or even websites. People seriously feel aggrieved and want to be heard because obviously the company that caused the problem did not do what was necessary to fix it.

Will: Couple years ago the guy was taking a flight, looked out his window and saw the baggage handlers tossing his guitar onto the thing and he ended up writing a song United Breaks Guitars and it took off and was a PR nightmare for them because they did not handle it correctly at the other side I think. So what are some of the things you should not do when you come across an internet boggy man?

Mason: There are 3 things off the top of my head that I would say. 1. Do not ignore them, respond and respond quickly. Make your paste that ‘Mr. or Miss Upset Prospect we apologize please send us a direct message and let us know what we can do to accommodate, we will do everything we can,’ show the rest of the general public because when an internet boggy man takes their displeasure to the public, you need to respond in a public fashion and demonstrate that 1. You heard them, 2. You are sorry and 3. You are doing everything you can to make it better. If you do those things, the public realizes that no one is perfect but they want to see how you handle it, and respond, do you make an effort to rectify the situation. If you do not then you probably deserve the heat the internet boggy man is sending your way. But if the internet boggy man continues to be unreasonable no matter what you do then I think the general public is pretty in tuned to the fact that this internet boggy man is unreasonable and there may be nothing that you can do to satisfy them. At the point the tide could turn and you and your company may actually get some sympathy and understand from the general public as opposed to victory all that the internet boggy man would like to stir up.

The 2nd worse thing you can do is argue with the aggrieved party. If they are on fire, the last thing you want to do is add gasoline. So arguing with the internet boggy man particularly in a public fashion is not a good idea. The 3rd thing I would encourage business owners not to do is resist the temptation to sue the internet boggy man. I know of 1 particular auto repair shop that made that choice and they did sue their internet boggy man who up hateful and disparaging reviews and websites, and they went all out to the business bureau to take the auto person tot task. The auto dealer took them to court and won. The problem as I said before, is there is no erase button on the internet. There is nothing the internet boggy man could do, he could not take all those stuff down. The business owner spent a ton of money and time, and yes they got a moral victory because the judge found it in their favor. But the net of it was that they wasted a bunch of time, money and they still could not get rid of that stuff. I think that is a mistake a lot of folks make because they think they can get rid of it when it is very unlikely to get rid of nay of that stuff but you can try to neutralize it. that is the strategy that we talk lot about in the book if you have an internet boggy man, how to really neutralize the problem as opposed to pretending that you can erase it when you really cannot.

Will: And being proactive about it before it even happens

Mason: Absolutely! I think when it comes to problems relating from the internet boggy man the best thing you can do is solve those problems before they occur and there are a couple ways to do that.  Some of those things are offline, 1. Hire really good people. Take the time to find out if people are honest, reliable , drug free, corporative teams members. Find that and make sure you have good people. 2. Make sure you train them well so they know how to satisfy customers’ needs. 3. Make sure you have friendly customer service policies.

In the book we wrote about it and this was 1 of the stories told by Adam Barnes when he was the Chief Operating Officer of regional sporting goods chain, he had several employees in multiple states and he told them of the time when he was a store manager. There was a particular street hockey goal that 1 customer had an experience with, they had these little clips on them that held the net to the frame. This 1 customer’s son played hockey regularly and kept breaking these clips, the dad kept coming in and getting these new 1s. He was angry and finally called the manufacturer and said ‘you guy have a defective product here. I keep having to buy these clips,’ they said ‘we recognize that and we have made a reengineered part and it should be at your local store.’ By now the customer was furious, he goes back into the store, talk to Adam and the 1st thing Adam does is apologizes ‘what can I do to make it right?’ He said these are the parts we have and when the customer told him that there was a new reengineered part, Adam went over to the parts bin and yes it was true, there was a replacement part out there but they never changed skew, the number the for the item. So this was lumped in with a bunch of the old 1s because the manufacturer did not communicate with the retailer that they made a new version of this.

When Adam saw what happened, he immediately had all the old 1s thrown out but he apologized to the man, said ‘we understand that it has been a waste of your time, we are sorry it has been frustrating but we had no way of knowing.’ So he explained it, it was not making excuse he was telling the truth, ‘we had no way of knowing, this was the 1st we had heard about his. If we had heard about this before these old pieces would not be in here.’ He refunded the cost of the entire hockey goal to the customer and let him keep the goal. He was like ‘I appreciate the value of your time and I am sorry you went through this. We should have known but we did not, but I want to make it right to you.’ So let us say if the price of the goal was $100 retail, his cost was probably $50. So for $50 he prevented an internet boggy man from coming to life and actually turned that customer into an evangelist because of the quality service that he provided .

That was a way that he actually turned a hater into an evangelist or an advisory, by doing the right thing. The sporting goods chain hired the right person by hiring Adam because he is a sharp guy, they had him trained to take care of the customer at store manager level, and they had policies that gave him the flexibility to do what was necessary and right to make the customer happy.

Will: That is a great story. I have heard of other similar stories especially with the skew of a specific item, the better item being the same as the old 1and the repair people not knowing that. There are all kinds of crazy things in between and maybe it is not the consumer’s fault but still the consumer is the 1 that is going to be PO about it. I want to circle back real quick to talking about responding to a negative review because I know there are some good ways and bad ways to respond. Can you talk a little bit about how you should respond to a negative review or take that on?

Mason: Quickly, respectfully and do what you say you are going to do, tell the truth if you are responsible, accept the responsibility and ask ‘what can I do to fix this,’ and do everything in your power to make them or exceed their expectations and  above and beyond if at all possible.

Will: I think it is very key that you do that, especially reply in a very truthful way. If you screwed up, say you screwed up, and just saying that kind of stuff will turn that negative review into a positive review in someone’s mind who is reading it. They go ‘this company is legit or cool, they admit their mistakes.’

Mason: I am dealing with real people here, authentic, genuine human beings who understand what I am saying. People want to do business with people not some nameless corporate coved culture. When you can demonstrate authenticity and humility and responsiveness and a sincere desire to help a customer, that is going to come through.

Will: Let us take the other end of the spectrum. What happens when there is a negative review and no reply or the business chooses to ignore it?

Mason: Basically they will suffer the consequences in lost business, revenue, that are tied to having a damaged reputation. Like I said, it is not just a matter of a prospect recognizing the need for what you have to offer  and then calling you anymore. There is that middle step whether it is going online on the phone or tablet or computer and checking out. If they see bad stuff they are gone.

Will: Like I said, I am guilty of it. My wife check on things too, everyone does, it is part of the thing. There is also something with Best Buy where people would go online and research or come into the store, pick out a TV they like, they go home and do some research on it and end up buying it somewhere else. That is another issue that hurts too. But if businesses are not aware that that middle step is being taken and they are ignoring it, then it is going to hurt. We talked in the book about some of the different ways to use Google Alerts and things. So for the small business owner that maybe does not have time to hang out on Twitter all day and see if anyone is talking about them, there are other ways to still kind of keep an ear to the internet to see if people are talking about your business.

Mason: For people who are not that technical, whenever I talk about things like this I always think about my dad. If we are talking on a level my dad would get this because by his own admission he is like ‘I am old, I do not want to mess with this stuff, I do not know what you are doing.’ So if I can explain it to him in a way that he gets it, it is usually pretty good. I would encourage people to go to Google.com/alerts and there you have the opportunity to enter words or phrases that you wanted to be notified, and basically Google will notify you when those words and phrases are used on the internet. So you have to just enter those words or phrases in the box and it will ask you how often you want to be notified, every day, as it happens, every week or whatever it is. But you can basically choose what words you want to be alerted to when they are typed in on the internet  and how often and it is free. So those are some really important things that I think for most people to realize it is not complicated or expensive, just go to Google.com/alerts, put in the words that you want to have notification sent to you when they are put up on the internet.

That is not only good for recognizing when an internet boggy man is trying to cause mischief but it is also good to know when people are saying good things about your company, liking your products and services. A lot of times if you are a retail company or a manufacturer and someone is ranting and raving and saying wonderful and nice things about your company, send them an upgraded product or a thank you note or some type of accessory for that product and say ‘hey we appreciate you  sending the good news and we just wanted to thank you and we hope you like this new accessory. Hope you enjoy your new ABC widget even more.’

Will: That is a great comment. We talk about replying to the negative reviews but replying to those positive reviews is just going to take that person that is maybe a follower of your business and maybe turn them into a fan. This is a terrific point. Let us talk a little bit about your favorite things to do to neutralize an internet boggy man before they get to you?

Mason: Very good question because again, there is no erase button on the internet so you cannot erase it. But studies that I have read recently have said that 89% of  people who go on the internet and do web search do not read pass the 1st page of results. It means that if there is negative content about you, your business, your products and you can get that pushed down to page 2, then you solved 90% of your problems. So how do you do that? A lot of f the strategies that I wrote about in the book, Attract, Capture and Convert, talked about how to build your internet presence and do it well. It takes advantage of all the CSO factors that I know you preach so much about. But really create content that educates, entertains and inspires, create it in an easy that is friendly to search engines so that it gets found by people who are looking for it. So including specific keywords or your names in the titles of your content, keywords, tags, descriptions, those types of things.

I think it is also important to distribute that content everywhere in every type of content that you possibly can. The analogy that I would use is that of (28:02). I met a young pastor who grew up in Alabama and he had ADHD as a young child. His dad took him fishing for the 1st time and he had a terrible experience. They would cast their line into the water and let the bobbers sit on the surface, wait for a fish to nibble, for the bobber to go under and he would reel it in. the reality was it sat there for so long waiting to wonder, he could not sit still and it drove his dad nuts and it was just not a good experience. So his dad came back with a better plan the 2nd time and decided to teach him how to jug fish. For those of you who do not know, it is when you take hundreds of plastic bottles like milk jugs, and you put the lid on them so they float like bobbers, you tie fishing line to those jugs and because the fish swim at different depths, you use different length lines and you put a hook and bate at the bottom of them and drop them in the water where you know there are fish and no one else fishing. Then when the jug goes under water, you swoop in with a net and catch them!

When the pastor did this, he was running up and down the river all day swooping up fish. Here is the analogy. The river is like the internet, the fish are like your ideal prospects, the bate is your ideal content and that is why it is important to put out fresh content because you want to attract your ideal prospects rather than repel them which is what would happen if you have stale bate. The fishing lines and jugs are like your media channels. If someone’s only internet presence is their website, that is like having 1 fishing line in the water, like regular fishing with 1 fishing line and a bobber waiting on fish to come to you and when they bite you reel them in. Some businesses can survive on that, fewer and fewer nowadays. But jug fishing is really about how do I have a tweet, Facebook post or video in YouTube? Those are all different lines and different bate.

The people I talk to say ‘I want to have my content in all kinds of different forms and different places. I am not just interested in catching the fish in my river. I want to be in every river, stream, lake, ocean where there are lots of ideal fish and few competitors. How do I do that?’ When someone creates content designed to educate, entertain and inspire it it means they create it in ways that are friendly to search engine and they distribute it in video format, articles, vlogs, podcast, they are getting their content out to where the fish are instead of waiting on them to come to them.  So you do those things very well it makes it difficult for an internet boggy man who is doing a random post here, random video there to really penetrate that ‘force field’ around your knowledge and content base

Will: It is funny I was thinking force field too. The more things you build around there it does make it harder to get in. In your opinion what is the best kind of content to create?

Mason: For obvious reasons people will go to websites. But I happen to believe 1 of the most effective ways is video, particularly YouTube which is owned by Google and Google likes its own products. But video marketing for multiple reasons, 1. When a video is done correctly, I talked about this in both books, Defeating the Internet Boggy Man and Attract Capture and Convert, about how to create video content so that it ranks high in search engines, even higher than other people’s websites. If you include keywords in your title, tags and descriptions and other things, most internet boggy men do not know how to do that so that will allow you to get your content to rank above theirs and push that down in search engine rankings.

So video is very important particularly when done properly and there is a formula to getting videos to rank. I think also video has amazing credibility. People nowadays spend so much time on YouTube  that they almost treat like people in my generation, your generation and people older than us treat TV. When you see something on TV it is credible, well YouTube is beginning to be that way, I saw it on YouTube it becomes much more credible.

Adam was up in Wisconsin 2 or 3 weeks ago in a company that he had done some work with in video marketing and he had never  met he operations manager. After a day on site, we were out to dinner with the other members of the management team and this person came in and said ‘hey good to see you again,’ to Adam. The interesting thing is that she had never seen him or met him before, she just felt like she did because she had seen so many videos with him. She felt like she knew him and that he was an old friend but she had never officially met him. When we made that out to her, she simply smiled and laughed and said ‘I understand why they video marketing works so well.’ I am sure you or other members of the audience, there are people you see on TV that really like, some pop music stars or actors and actresses that they would love to hang out with, athletes, maybe a few politicians that they would not like to hang out with. The reality is we do not know those people, we have never met them and we just feel like we know them because we have seen them on TV.

Will: We can even take that a step closer to home and say the weather man on TV, people are eager o go to places he is going to be doing whatever event or something simply because they saw him on TV. They do not know the guy, but they are familiar with him and feel like they know who he is. I actually had this experience several years ago. I was in Springfield Missouri, right after I think it was the TV show Survivor, season 18, Stoked Teens. 1 of the cast members was a guy names Ben Wade and everyone called him coach, even his parents because he was a soccer coach at (34:30) University which was 30m away and explained why he was there. I was with 1 of my buddies from high school, sitting out on the sidewalk café right after of Survivor had wrapped, like a week and a half later maybe. I am sitting there with my buddy Mark, and I see coach walking done the sidewalk with 1 of his buddies. I tap Mark in the side and I am like ‘hey that’s coach from Survivor,’ he is like ‘son of a gun it is.’ I immediately reached out and said ‘hey coach,’ and he kind of waved and nodded. I said ‘we are buying rounds if you would tell survivor stories!’ He said alright and sat down with us, and every time he was getting low we would order another beer.

He hung out with us for probably an hour, we asked all kinds of questions about the show, editing, the people that run the show, how tired and hungry and sleep deprived they really were. Just asked him all kinds of questions that we wanted to know the answer to. He was very gracious and coo about it. We are still Facebook friends to this day but the interesting thing about it was that as he left, he was an absolute total stranger, I did not know him but I felt like I did enough to say hello and offer to spend money and have him join us at our table. Why would I do that? Because I felt like I knew him and TV and video are what gave me that feeling. I think that video, which is why I am such a big fan of video marketing, is such a powerful medium for connecting, establishing trust and credibility and telling a story in an interesting way. The fact that it is actually preferred by search engines  makes it very hard to ignore whether you are trying to build you business online or trying to protect your reputation from an internet boggy man who is trying to destroy it.

Will: YouTube is the number 2 search engine. A lot of people do not realize that, they think it is Yahoo or Bing or something. But it is number 2 by far with the amount of traffic and searches. The demographic for people searching on YouTube used to be teenagers, the younger crowd but it is definitely gaining a lot of momentum. And obviously the fact that Google integrates that into their regular results too. It might be the 3rd result, but it is a video and has the little square and people are more likely to click on that and watch that video. Terrific point! So we talked about the early warning system with Google Alerts, what about some things off line that business owners could do to help ford the efforts of the internet boggy man?

Mason: Again, I will give them the 3 biggies: hiring good people, training them and having good customer friendly policies in place. Offline I think those are the 3 biggest things someone can do. If you do those 3 things then you should solve a lot of internet boggy man problems before they occur.

Will: If you have a sales team or something like that, make sure they know how to handle an irate customer and that it is not always just passed onto the boss or the boss never hears about it because it was handled so well. Terrific points! I really appreciate you coming on the show today. Tell us how we can get a copy of the book

Mason: Defeating the Internet Boggy Man is available in hardback at internetboggymanbook.com you can get it in hardback at amazong.com as well or kindle format. The same thing with Attract, Capture and Convert. I will make a free audio version of Attract Capture and Convert for anyone who goes to buildatribe.com and registers their name and email so we know who to send it to

Will: Is there a special way that people can contact you if they wanted to talk to you more about this or about some of your other services?

Mason: buildatribe.com or my contact information is there at Build a Tribe or busiensswebvideos.com, either is fine

Will: Okay both ways they can find you

Mason: All coming to the same video and office

Will: Awesome! I really appreciate you jumping on the broadcast today. I definitely appreciate your time and some of your wisdom with a side of things we do not always talk about.

Mason: My pleasure!

Will: My name is Will Hanke, I really appreciated everyone listening today, hope you have a great rest of your day. And thanks again for taking time to watch Navigate

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