NtR 26: It’s Your Domain Name – Or Is It?

NTR Episode 26 - Domain names

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • This is the podcast where we explain digital marketing in a way that’s easy to understand, we talk about topics that will help your business grow and compete with the big dogs, and we get ideas and tools that will boost our online exposure to potential customers.
  • In today’s show we’re going to talk about…
    • Something new in social media – Instagram hashtags
    • Will’s Pep talk – getting away
    • Main topic – old school Domain Names
    • How to learn more about your domain name
    • Featured tool
  • So let’s get started. This past week on DigiKnow (my other podcast) we talked about how now you can follow hashtags on Instagram.
    • This is pretty cool because it fixes a problem that was inherent to Instagram – the fact that people used hashtags to sort and segment their posts. It’s also a great way to attract other people who like the same things.
    • Its important that you use the hashtags that are popular and avoid misspellings
    • So the update is important because now, much like following friends, you can now follow topics of interest to you and they’ll show up in your normal instagram feed.
    • For businesses, this is important for a few reasons – you can get in front of more people if you’re careful about the hashtags you use, and you can create your own new hashtag for people to follow
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  • Up next is my pep talk segment. This week we’re going to talk about going to conferences
    • So last week I went to Austin to the Digital Agency Growth Summit. It was an invite-only event in which about 300 digital marketing agencies from around the country attended
    • While I think people would be surprised to know that I’m not very outgoing at these conferences, the amount of information you get at them is invaluable.
    • I think its really important to step away from the screen, the cash register, the machine, and learn from others that are doing better than you. In some of these conferences they really share a lot
    • Of course if you make friends and can pick their brain, even better.
    • So I want to encourage you to find a conference, whether local or across the country. Take time to immerse yourself in your industry, watch for new trends, listen to people, and maybe make a few new pals
  • Promo – Are you struggling with a particular task, or do you have an SEO or other digital marketing question? Tape your question and I’ll feature it on an upcoming episode. To learn more about how to do that, visit redcanoemedia.com/askwill
  • Alright, so let’s get into the main topic for today. Today we’re talking about domain names
  • There are a few areas I want to cover
    • First, what is a domain and how do you get one. A domain name is like your address. It’s the only one in existence, and it’s where you live – or in this case where your website lives. It’s unique, and no one else can own it.
    • You get domain names from domain registrars, such as GoDaddy.
    • It does have an expiration date, and its important to make sure that date is at least 5 years from now.
    • Explain (google is a registrar, 5 years out, fly by night)
    • Many business owners dont know that they dont own their domain name. Hosting, web guy
    • WHOIS is a great place to find out more about your domain
    • Next, its important that if you change domains, that you create the right redirects to not lose all your authority
    • Next, buying up competitor domains
    • Next buying similar domains
    • Buying misspelled domains
    • Keyword rich domain with dashes (phone test)
    • Last, security – SSL its kind of hosting, but its now a ranking factor
  • Lastly I want to talk about a tool that I use and how you can use it to grow your business.
    • The tool is whynopadlock
    • Here’s what it does
    • You can get it at whynopadlock.com
    • It costs $0
  • Ok that’s it for today’s podcast.
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  • All the notes, links, videos, and anything else we talked about today are available on our site at redcanoemedia.com/ntr
  • Thanks for listening – I’ll see you in the next podcast!

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