Episode 36 – Hiring: Finding Personalities that Work Well Together with Glenda Woolley

Table of Contents

Welcome to another episode of Navigate the Rapids.

In this episode, find out things like:

  • What is DISC
  • How knowing your individual behavioral style can help your business grow
  • How to use DISC to get the right candidate in the right seat on your bus
  • How to improve the communication skills of your entire team

Guest Profile

As a Certified John Maxwell DISC Consultant through the utilization of online assessments, I help leaders as well as their team members learn their individual behavior styles, their preferred communication style and their strengths in leadership. I provide one on one and/or group coaching to ensure that you put your assessment results into action. Information is interesting but what is most important to me is helping you develop an action plan to further develop your communication skills and ultimately make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with C-Level Executives, Directors, Middle Managers, Operational Managers, Supervisors and their teams.

Other Notes/Links

To learn more about Glenda Woolley visit www.5starleadership.com

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