NTR21: Chief Rabbit Inspector Jeff Lefton

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Business Profile: Abra-Kid-Abra

magic-show-scouts-coin-behind-ear2Jeff Lefton has been performing and teaching magic since 1969. He has performed in Hollywood at The Magic Castle, in Las Vegas, and on a 3-month national tour for General Motors. Jeff was shy as a child, and magic helped improve his confidence and bring him out of his shell. He founded Abra-Kid-Abra in 2005 to help children develop their presentation skills and confidence through magic and variety arts. Jeff has written 20 curriculums and shows in math magic, character, reading magic, and more.

In this business profile interview, find out things like:

  • How Jeff found magic at an early age
  • How Abra-Kid-Abra helps kids with their presentation skills
  • How partnering with his competitors has turned into more business
  • How Jeff cornered the market on after school programs and uses that to fuel his other service offerings

If you’re wanting to add a little magic to your day, this podcast is a great listen!

Find out more about Abra-Kid-Abra at the website: www.abrakid.com

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