NtR20: Douglas (Coach) McFarlin: Bottled Water for Homeless Veterans

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Business Profile: H2O(H)

“The words homeless and veteran should not be in the same sentence.”

This is one of the first things Douglas ‘Coach’ McFarlin said to me when I first met him.

And this mantra continues in his business – H2O(H) – a business model where bottled water is sold to help furnish homes for veterans.  It’s one of the most unique (and inspiring!) business models I’ve ever seen.

In this business profile interview, find out things like:

  • How a chance meeting with a homeless vet stirred Coach to start H2O(H)
  • How some failures can lead to a more profitable business
  • How singers like Lionel Ritchie and Carrie Underwood are involved with H2O(H)

If you want a dose of inspiration for your business, this is a great one to listen to!

Find out more about H20(H) at the website: https://h2oh.us

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