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With the end of the year just around the corner, we tend to start thinking about 2015 and how our business can move forward to be even more prosperous.  Part of succeeding next year is having a solid online marketing strategy – one that Red Canoe Media wants to help you with.

Every month, Red Canoe Media hosts an Internet Marketing meetup – always a different subject, always packed with terrific information for the attendees.

Our meetup schedule is always the same – 2 high level meetups on a particular Internet Marketing related subject ($10ea), and then an in-depth workshop the third month ($57ea).

If you attend all of our meetups and workshops, you’d pay $308.00 individually.

That’s pretty cheap for the amount of knowledge and understanding we provide – and the amount of work you get done at just one of our workshops is worth that!

Our workshops this year will be determined by our meetup attendees – what do you want to learn? Google Analytics? WordPress? Facebook ads? Pay per click? You get to determine what you learn!

Our 2015 schedule is already underway and we want to give you an opportunity to grab a great discount on our entire year of meetups.  Between now and the end of January, you can get access to all 8 meetups and all 4 workshops for just $199.

Grab the discount now

We only offer this once a year.  We will not be offering this deal, nor any other similar discount until December of next year!  Grab it now and save over $100 (that’s almost 2 free workshops!)

Last year, we had over 250 business owners attend our meetups – this year we expect them to be more informative – we want you to succeed!

The $199 meetup discount absolutely expires on Jan 31.  Don’t wait and miss out on an opportunity to really grow your business next year!

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