Map Spamming: The Wrong Way to Get Customers

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Check out this guy’s profile over at Google Maps. Seems that the guy has taken to bashing all the local flower shops in his area (and then some) and then dropping his URL in the review. What a horrible way to get customers.

Assuming the guy is no good at SEO (and that’s a pretty good assumption), he’s resorted to a very low form of marketing. If you even call it that.

There’s nothing better and more satisfying than ranking for competitors terms and website URLs. Had he any sense, a simple link-building campaign could have helped his flower shop rank for all these local shops. Then, on top of that, he could have put a small blurb on his site that pulled the search query and said something to the effect of “XYZ Company is not open 24 hours, but we are. Place your order now and save time”, or something like that. Still not bashing, and he can effectively rank for the competitions name. Much smarter plan.

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