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Facebook is always looking for ways to streamline and improve their user experience, both for individuals and businesses. To stay ahead of the game you need to be aware of all of the recent changes to their advertising platform, or you could be missing out on opportunities to capitalize on obscene amounts of traffic to your site. In June of 2014, Facebook revamped their advertising platform with two new exciting features: multi-product Ads and enhancements to their custom audiences feature. If you aren’t aware of these features, you need to educate yourself quickly if you hope to make any kind of progress with social media advertising.

Facebook Multi-Product Ads

Prior to the multi-product ad update, businesses only had the opportunity to showcase one product at a time per ad. Now Facebook has made its advertising more effective for businesses by allowing them to show 5 products in a single ad. Not only do you now have the ability to set a unique picture and description for each product, but you can also change the link on each product to point to a different product page.

For example, let’s say that you own an online ecommerce site selling custom eye protection and sunglasses. You can now create an image carousel that displays five of your products, all within a single ad.

Example of a Facebook Multi Product Ad
Example of a Facebook Multi Product Ad

New Custom Audiences Feature

In advertising, knowing and effectively reaching your target audience is everything, and Facebook has created ways to drill down and reach custom audiences. This new feature is part of the Ads Manager and the Power Editor, and you now have the option to run an ad that only targets specific customer audiences. You can sift through your target market segments with the following criteria:

  • Anyone who visits your website
  • People who visit specific web pages
  • People visiting specific web pages but not others
  • People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time
  • Other custom combinations

You even have the option to create a custom audience that reaches people who have purchased specific products from your website within a custom timeframe. For example, let’s say that you start selling eyewear cleaning kits that are applicable to all of your eye glasses except swimming goggles and related underwater eye protection. You can create a custom group that targets everyone who has made a purchase on your site (being sure to omit the purchasers of underwater eye protection) in the last two months. This will help you target market segments like never before, ensuring that your new product is only seen by those who have an actual need for the product.

Getting Started

If you’re new to social media advertising and don’t know where to begin, you have two options: either you can hire us or learn the ropes with how-to videos. Whichever you choose, you need to take advantage of social media marketing opportunities if you haven’t done so already.

They simply offer more benefits than traditional advertising alternatives.

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