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Today someone asked me where they could go leave a (hopefully positive) review about my site.  I figured the Google would be a great place, so I typed in our business name and saw some cool stuff that I thought I’d share with you.

First thing I saw was ‘Your Business on Google’. Kinda cool. Here are a few things I could do to enhance my listing.

click to enlarge

First thing I did was mouse over the blue area, which was clickable. That opened a new tab, which I’ll get to in a minute.

The other two things I saw here in the Things to Do section are Have news to share with your customers? and Have more photos to add?

Now, since our business is virtual and doesn’t have a ‘real’ office, I don’t feel inclined to share pictures of my basement.  I do, however, have news to share.

As you can see, the button says Create Post. Let’s click that.

Write a post on Google

I’ve uploaded an image and wrote a quick blurb. Interestingly, it only allows 100-300 words. So much for long content.

Next, I see two buttons.

  1. Make this post an event
  2. Add a button

Well, this isn’t an event, although this may be a cool way for me to promote some of my upcoming meetups. I’ll have to circle back and try one.

The Add a button intrigues me, though.  When I click it, I get a few new options:

Hey, now this is pretty cool. An opportunity to add a call to action can never be overlooked. I choose Learn more and see a place for me to put in a URL. I link to this post.

Now I click the Preview link. It looks pretty much like I expected it to. Time to hit Publish

Google Your Business Post Preview

Google adds my post to the new Posts related to my business.  Cool, I guess. I’m still more interested in if it’ll rank. My guess is probably not with the short amount of content. But we’ll see.

I close that window and head over to the other tab that opened. Here it is, in two parts

Part one includes some basic data about my business, plus an advertisement for me to sign up for AdWords Express. No thanks.

Scrolling down I see that I can add a Post (already did that, catch up!)

Now what’s next is very intriguing. Let customers message you

Oh? That’s cool. Gotta check that out.

I click the button Turn on Messaging. I’m taken to this page, which asks me to verify my cell.

Google Business Messaging

Clicking Next sends me a code, and I verify my phone.  Lastly, I get a screen that lets me add a welcome message to anyone that is not on an SMS channel. Not 100% sure what that means, but I’d better fill it out.

Ok, I guess that’s it! It will be interesting to see if anyone actually uses that service.

Just for giggles, I head back to the search I initially did. I now see my new post – that’s cool. No mention of the SMS messaging, though. Kinda expected it to add a button where you could text me. Maybe it’ll show up afterwhile.

Anyway, there are some cool new things related to your business that you need to check out. Make sure you have filled out your entire profile done over at Google My Business and get more leads (I hope!)

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