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A great way to get one way links to your website is to guest-post on business websites that complement your own.  Of course, there are a few things that would have to fall in place.

  • The ‘target business’ needs a website/blog
  • You need to write good content that doesn’t blatently promote your biz
  • You need a good (and short0 byline that explains what you do

Many business owners don’t see the value in providing another website with content, but they are missing something great – a one way link to your website from a business that has a similar audience as theirs.

Contact a few local industries that complement yours and offer to write for them.


  • a DJ service could write on the ‘Top Ten Requested Songs at Wedding Receptions’ for a catering business
  • a carpet cleaner could write an article on getting stains out of fabric for a local furniture company
  • a computer repair guy could write on hard drive deals for a gift website
  • an insurance agent could offer tips to keeping your rates low for a local used car dealership

Those free links are out there – are you working on getting them?

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