Welcome to Red Canoe Elite! As an Elite member, you’ll have full access to all of our videos, tutorials, and webinars.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership

In order to take full advantage of being an Elite member, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Request to join our private Facebook group
    This is where you’ll find the other Elite members – and it’s also where you can ask questions about anything in the Elite area of our website.  It is a closed group and only available to other like-minded individuals that want to grow their business and increase their bottom lines.
  2. Bookmark the Elite Dashboard
    The Elite Dashboard is the starting spot for all the information in our membership area. The easy to understand icons will help you find all of our tutorials and videos.
  3. Sign up for our Elite newsletter
    This special newsletter is only for Elite members and offers a monthly review of the newest Elite area additions.

That’s it – three steps and you’re well on your way to blowing last year’s traffic and sales out of the water!

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