In this podcast, I talked with Dave Driscoll from Metro Business Advisors about exit planning, business succession and all kinds of other selling-your-business things. Dave is truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to preparing a business for selling!

You’ll Learn

  • What financial items you should be getting in order now in order to sell someday
  • The single, most critically important financial event of a business owner’s professional life
  • How to separate yourself from the day-to-day functions of your business
  • How knowing the value of your company now can help you make better decisions
  • What are business cycles, and how they can change your business’ value
  • Three tips for someone that wants to buy a business
  • Why 40% of business transfers fail

BONUS Video Footage for Red Canoe Elite Members:

  • The importance of online assets (website, ecommerce, Amazon sales, videos, etc)
  • How those assets change your overall business’ value
  • What software can save you and a business broker TONS of time and increase your value
  • NOTE: Bonus content starts at 35:15

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