Don’t Stay Poor

Whether you've been doing SEM for a week or a year, you should always see an increase. While I chose the name Poor SEM for this blog, it is my hope that everyone grows out of reading this simplistic site and reaches a point where they have to dig deeper.

Teach yourself about LSI. Study (and attempt!) Linkbaiting.

Read How to Win Friends & Influence People and Think and Grow Rich and the The Little Red Book of Selling. In fact, don't stop reading. Visit Borders all the time and check out the newest Marketing and Sales and Business and Finance books. Get them all. Or get them from the library. Just get them and devour them.

My fourteen year old is interested in making money online. He's smart, and will be making fifty bucks a month within a few weeks. Sure, he's got the Dad advantage, but so what. You've got it too, you just don't know where to look.

Poor SEM is a great place to start out. But don't hang around. Start here, take the tips, expand on them, make some money and then make more.
And don't build a site that tells its readers to go away 🙂


Will Hanke owns Saint Louis' top independent Internet Marketing firm, Red Canoe Media. In addition to helping some of St Louis' most recognizable brands with their online marketing strategy, Will also is an Amazon bestselling author, speaker and teacher.

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