Live Website Critique June 2

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LeT’s Do SomEthiNG CraZy!

At 11:00 am on Tuesday, June 2 I’m going to do a live critique of 4 websites.

And by critique I mean tear them to shreds.

Join me and learn:

  • What I look for when auditing a website for SEO
  • How I’d improve each website’s ranking and revenue
  • Overall marketing tips for each website’s niche
  • Problems I see with each website
  • Ideas for improving customer interaction
  • and more!

Because of the information I’m sharing, and the amount of free advice every attendee will get, I was going to charge for this webinar.

But hey, if I’m claiming to do something crazy, I might as well go all-out.

So this webinar will be free – but there will be no replay unless you’re an Elite member.

So jump on live or miss out.

I Want My Website Critiqued

Really? You’ve got the chops to take my abuse? Ok then, here’s what you have to do.

Tell me in the comments below why your site should be picked.  That’s all. Do Not Email Me!

Here are some hints to get picked:

  • Explain your niche, industry, and reason for what you do
  • Tell me what you’ve tried over the last few months to get more traffic/exposure for your site (and if it worked)
  • Tell me, very specifically who your target audience is
  • No sob stories
  • Oh, and keep it short. I don’t want to read a long, drawn out post.
  • In fact, I’ll set a limit – ten sentences.

How Will I Know if You Picked My Site?

You’ll find out on the webinar.

Why are You Being So Aggressive?

I dunno, I’m tired of business owners that say they want it all, but don’t have their shit in line to do what they say they want.

If you truly want to get shit done, then submit your site and tell me so.

You Picked My Site!

Yeah? Lucky you.  Guess what – you’ll also get an hour coaching call with me two weeks later to see what you’ve accomplished, ask questions and get clarification.

You Didn’t Pick My Site!

Life is like that, huh? Maybe next month I will.  In the meantime, check out my 17 Point SEO Checklist webinar to see if there are some things you can do between now and then that’ll help your site grow even more.

And then next month, when I announce the next one, submit your again!

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4 Responses

  1. We are a data security company that helps small and mid-sized retailers stay secure. We do this because most companies that aren’t Target or Sony tend not to have the IT staff capabilities to maintain a centralized data security strategy and prevent breaches/hacks. We believe that a retailer’s ability to stay secure is essential to their relationship and service to their own customers. In the last few months, we’ve had our monthly email newsletters, have posted a few webinars, and have updated our blog fairly regularly. We’re in the process of redesigning the website and would love a comprehensive critique!

  2. I actually have two websites. and
    . I’m a very seasoned/ experienced photojournalist with a degree from prestigious University of Missouri’s photojournalism program, and having photographed two presidential visits and one emperor but now need to switch to more lucrative and steady weddings and corporate events. I love doing conventions which seems to still be a fairly open area to focus on .. (unlike wedding photographers) . If chosen it would force me to revamp my site for the critique .. which has been over due .. and also get the desperate SEO help I need…and marketing focus. Thank you Luci P.

  3. I’m a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach. I love what I do and I do it because it’s rewarding to myself and others in so many ways; with intuitive insight, closure and guidance. I have spent hours on my website making it mobile friendly and keeping it simple for potential clients to find and connect me. I like to think I do an outstanding job keeping my site current but I’m open to criticism and guidance. I’m sure there is room for improvement. My target audience is St. Louis and surrounding counties woman age 25-65.

  4. I would love for you to review my new website but unsure if it will be launched by then You always offer so much to so many and an expert in your field. I am sure I will learn even if you don’t review my site because I always learn something new at all your event. Good luck everyone.

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