We look forward to having you on the show!

Recording Details:

We will record this remotely, meaning you'll be at your place and we'll be at ours. You do not need to travel anywhere.

Prior to the recording, we'll send you a link to ZenCastr, the service we use for our podcasts. For the best results, you should be in a quiet place, and on a hard LAN line if possible (not wifi).

How the ‘Flow’ of the Broadcast Will Go:

Every show follows the same basic format of these ‘base’ questions (listed below).  The show, however, is meant to be a matter-of-fact down to earth focus on you as a business owner, and how you’ve succeeded and failed when it comes to getting more clients/customers.  We expect you to be candid and open, but we don’t expect you to tell all your secrets. Here are the foundation questions:

  1. Give me the name of your company and the 2 minute elevator pitch about your business.
  2. How long have you been in business? How many employees? Are you doing this full time?
  3. What got you into (profession)?

So as you know, this is a marketing podcast, so let’s talk about marketing.

  1. When you started your business, did you have a marketing plan?
  2. What was your first marketing “win”? Did you do it on purpose, or was it something you stumbled upon?
  3. Are you doing any marketing for your business online?
    1. Paid ads like Facebook/Google AdWords?
    2. SEO?
    3. Blogging?
    4. Something else we don’t know about?
  4. What offline marketing efforts are working for you right now?
  5. How much time per week do you spend specifically on marketing your business?
  6. What marketing trends or tactics do you see other businesses doing that you wish you could take advantage of?
  7. Your competitors - what marketing are they doing that you think is cool or uncool?
  8. What has been your biggest challenge landing customers/leads/sales?
  9. What was your worst marketing idea – the one that almost sunk your ship?
  10. If money were no object, what is the craziest marketing thing/stunt you’d like to launch?
  11. If people want to know more about your business, where can they go?

We will definitely cover all of these – so you can be prepared ahead of time, but most likely we’ll have a few followup questions depending on what you say.

What You’ll Need to Be a Guest

This is where it gets technical, but not overwhelming.

You will need:

  • an external microphone - One that plugs in to your computer, usually through a USB port. Preferably not just a generic mic, if possible. Dont have one? Here are a few we like - Yeti Snowball | AT2020 | Yeti Blue
  • a headset that connects to your computer.  The headset is important.  If you just use your speakers, we’ll probably have some loud feedback that will make the recording unbearable to listen to.
  • a quiet place - we tape this from our home offices, and you can do the same.  You do not have to travel anywhere to record - don’t come to our location! Just find a quiet place without phones ringing or dogs barking and you’ll be set.

If you are unable to get a headset or microphone, we will not be able to record an episode as it would not be the best quality for listeners.