Pre-Launch Checklist – Testing Your Website Before It Goes Live

Though it may not seem obvious, the number of websites that populate the already crowded Internet is growing with each passing year. These days, according to Internet statistics, there are well over a billion websites in existence, and there are millions and millions more of them popping up each year. This equates to well over [...]

7 Common Website Mistakes That Will Make Your Visitors’ Blood Boil

Even with a solid content marketing strategy, close attention to SEO, and solid website design, you can still fail to reach your audience. There are a lot of pet peeves that users have that will instantly repel them from your site, regardless of the quality of the content or the amount of time you spent [...]

Best URL Practices

Due to the complexity and demands of websites, it easy to forget to take advantage of some of the most valuable SEO opportunities. Creating a top of the line website interface, posting the highest quality images, and creating content can cause you to neglect critical aspects of your web presence. For example, many webmasters fail [...]

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