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Today’s economy is beating up on many businesses.  Some of the big players are feeling a pinch in their budget, especially when it comes to marketing.  Many marketers are finding themselves out of work, or still working but with little or no budget.

Times like this are great for an aggressive small business.  Since big companies are cutting their marketing, there’s more space for smaller retailers to get in there and be heard.  An aggressive small business now has a great opportunity to grow while the larger companies are asleep at the wheel.

Because of the economy, we also realize that while your small business may want to take the bull by the horns and run, you still can’t afford to fork out a few thousand a month for a full-blown SEO campaign, but you still want to get some customers from the web.

Well, you’re in luck.  Over the past few months, WIMB has been refining and polishing a new referral program, which we are launching today.

Here’s how it works: (an example)

You have a business selling widgets.  Your average customer spends $3000 over their lifetime for your widgets (service, upgrades, additional widgets, etc).  That customer could easily be worth $100 to you to acquire.  You decide could afford to acquire 5 new customers a month, totaling (in this case) $500.

You hire WIMB to generate leads.  We send you warm leads that you convert into sales/new customers.  You pay us for the leads, and we stop sending them to you until the next month, where we send you more.

Soon your business is growing.  We’re making money, and your business is thriving.

This lead generation service is available for any industry.  We will, however (just like our SEO services) not generate leads for more than one business per industry at any time.  That just wouldn’t be fair to our customers.

Included in all of our lead generation service is one month free.  This first month not only gives you a taste of what’s to come, but it also gives us a chance to fine-tune our service so we only send you the best, warmest leads.

Every month we provide you with a report on the leads we sent you, and over time we’d hope that the fine-tuning is producing little or no junk leads. No one wants junk leads.

Can’t afford an all-out SEO campaign? This is your solution.  You set the budget, and get seven months of quality leads. Your business grows, and ours expands to new industries. It’s a win-win.

To find out about joining our lead program, email Will at [email protected]

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  1. Hi Frank,

    Sure it can. The landing page information can weed out a lot of the unwanted leads before they even fill out the contact form. We can geotarget specific areas as well.

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