Do I Have to Buy a .com?

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Without getting in too deep into SEO tactics, I wanted to touch on the subject of buying a domain name. Often times GoDaddy, Registerfly and various other domain registrars have sales on .info domain names.

Now, some of the bigshots in SEM say that .com is the only way to go. Bullhockey. I’ve had plenty of good luck ranking .info names, including several number one spots on Google, Yahoo! and more. To me, the idea that .com is more trusted than the others is probably of little value.

Back to the sales on .info. If you keep an eye on various SEM blogs, which I’m sure most of you do, you’ll sometimes see mention of .info sales. I’ve even seen FREE .info names for a year. Most recently, I heard that a registrar had them for 88cents, and I believe GoDaddy currently has .info on sale for 99 cents.

So go grab a few .info domain names. They’re cheap, and you can get some pretty good keywords to help you target your campaign.

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