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8 Ways to Step Up Your Lead Magnet Strategy

Small business owners who are new to online marketing typically don’t know how to put together quality lead magnet materials. And that’s a real shame, because lead magnets provide opportunities to market to the same lead multiple times, increase the amount of time leads engage with your website and content, and increase the likelihood they’ll [...]

How Poor Web Security Is Costing You Leads

There are a lot of moving parts to any website, and it’s difficult to vigilantly maintain every aspect of your online marketing strategy. It’s easy to get distracted with Facebook, social media posts, producing new content, keeping an eye on the competition, and managing your online reputation, not to mention the burden of actually running [...]

SoS: Video Specialist Denise Naughton

Sink or Swim is a bi-weekly podcast of marketing interviews like this one. Click here to subscribe on iTunes. In this episode, find out things like: How Denise started a new business to promote her other business. A few tips on using Facebook Live to get your brand more exposure. How to leverage 'behind the [...]