If the only content you’re producing for your website is textual, you’re behind the times – and likely missing out on massive streams of free traffic. What’s worse is that you are also probably losing ground to your competitors who do incorporate video marketing into their SEO strategy. But what’s so great about video, you ask? Well, there are lot of advantages of video content, especially in the realm of SEO, so let’s dig into how video can increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign.

Segments of Your Audience Are Visual Learners

Whether you’re trying to get the word out about a hot new product, service, promotion, educational content, or changes in your industry, there’s a segment of your audience that responds better to video marketing. As human beings, some people prefer digesting your content visually rather than reading it. Don’t believe me? How many time have you heard some ask whether they read the book or saw the movie first?

For a visual learner, video content is one heck of a lot more engaging than a fat block of text. Some people think long form posts are a contrived pain to digest. That’s why the Internet fostered the shorthand term “TLDR,” which stands for “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” Appealing to visual learners means more online engagement, especially on social media. The more people you can engage with video content correlates with more likes, shares, and ultimately a larger audience.

Social Media Benefits

It’s far more common to hear them respond that they saw the movie before ever reading the book. Furthermore, video marketing is more versatile and can be used more effective on social media sites like Facebook. Since you can actually post video content and stream it directly from your Facebook feed, it’s a lot easier for your Facebook audience to digest.

Instead of needing to click a link and load a whole new page, they can stream your video in fractions of a second. I know that may not sound like a big deal, but Internet users always follow the path of least resistance. They want instant gratification, and every fraction of a second counts.

Building Trust and Engaging Your Audience

Furthermore, allowing your audience to see you in a video presentation can help build trust. Suddenly they’ll feel like they have access to you, and you won’t be some mysterious silhouetted figure on the Internet. Your audience will be able to see faces that belong to your business or organization, and they will be able to hear your voice.

Essentially, this is going to make your business feel a lot more human and personal, which is great for building your brand. In decades past, small businesses really couldn’t afford to run video ads on television because the cost was so astronomical. But today, the Internet has forced the cost of video production and distribution to decrease dramatically.

You have the unprecedented opportunity to engage your customers and visitors with video content that feels like a one-on-one conversation. Furthermore, you can even interact and respond to comments on your video to further help, educate, inform, and engage your audience.

Raw SEO Benefits

Oh, and let’s not forget that video content helps improve your ranking signals to the Google search algorithm (among others). Video content – assuming that it’s quality content – will help boost your rankings in the SERPs. And let’s not forget that it will help you be present in multiple search engines.

Most people are mainly concerned with being listed in Google, but focusing on Google alone is a pretty narrow-minded approach. You also want to try to capture traffic from YouTube as well – but if you don’t have any video content, you’re going to be completely absent from YouTube.

You may have also noticed that Google will occasionally insert videos into its search results, and they have an entire category to search for videos related to your keyword query.

Increase Ancillary Google Ranking Signals and Metrics

Google has become pretty darn sophisticated over the years, and it knows how to spot a quality page and separate it from pages that aren’t performing as well. One way it does this is by using a lot of different ranking signals, such as a pages bounce rate. A page bounce is whenever someone visits a page, takes a split second glance at it, decides its not interesting, and leaves your page.

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If your bounce rate is too high, it can be a red flag to Google that something about your site or page isn’t quite right. However, posting a video will help increase the amount of time users stay on your page. The longer you can keep eyeballs on your web pages means better search rankings and higher conversion.

Differentiate Your Site and Pages from the Competition

Video marketing is also a great way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Some people don’t have the time, tools, skillsets, or simply forgo video content. But using video content is an effective to way to make your website stand out from the crowd. It helps make your business look more legitimate, trusted, and superior to other sites that don’t post any content in a video format.

Enhanced Teaching Opportunities

Sometimes your audience needs to actually see the information you are trying to present. This is especially true of content that’s designed to teach an audience a new skill or provide a ‘how-to’ learning opportunity. For instance, consider any technical or computer-oriented how-to content. Would you rather read a droll list of instructions, or follow a video that will show you how to perform a configuration step-by-step?

Or what if a construction and repair company wanted to show the effects of home damage, and inform visitors on exactly how they have helped others repair their homes? Seeing is believing, and video marketing is a superior medium to provide learning experiences.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the following are some of the main benefits of using video marketing:

  • You will appeal to the segments of your audience that are visual learners
  • Video marketing often has a greater impact on social media
  • Video provides an opportunity to build trust with your audience
  • Increased presence in multiple search engines and higher rankings
  • You’ll be able to differentiate your website from competitors’ web pages
  • Video content is more appropriate for informing your audience or teaching them something valuable
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