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SEO is critical to ecommerce websites and businesses. Informational websites have a content advantage because their actual product can many times help them rank higher in search engines. With ecommerce sites, however, the product is not a piece of content or writing. For this reason, ecommerce website owners need to take extra care that their website and content follows certain guidelines to maximize profits.  Use these 5 ecommerce tips to increase your sales and boost your bottom line.

Adhere to Google’s Guidelines…Or Else

The most important factor you need to consider with regard to your content is its novelty. If your content is exactly like your competitors’ information or you have a high amount of duplicate descriptions on your products, Google could see you as a spammy site. In turn, you may lose visibility and become penalized due to the latest Google algorithm changes. This is especially critical for your product pages. It is not in your best interest to copy the manufacturers’ product descriptions verbatim. Instead, write your own unique descriptions.

Optimizing URLs for SEO

With most online shopping websites, it is quite common for customers to reach a product page from a variety of links. Typical ecommerce sites often sort products by price and other general categories. More specific product review pages often have a link to the product page as well. This leads to the same information being discovered through different URLs. Because of this, you want to make sure your link and URL structures are SEO friendly.

Ideally, you want to take advantage of canonical URLs. This kind of URL is more adept at presenting itself to Google as a ranking signal to improve SEO performance by consolidating the URLs for a specific product page. Additionally, you then gain the benefit of being able to track analytics and statistics for that specific product page URL more easily, as opposed to the analytics being split among multiple URLs.

Take Full Advantage of Anchor Text

Ecommerce sites that have product reviews or links back to their product pages (which describes almost all ecommerce stores) need to take full advantage of anchor text. A Link’s anchor text is another opportunity to boost SEO ranking signals, so try to include the keywords you want to rank for instead of the mundane “click here” anchor text.

Images are Absolutely Critical

Ecommerce sites inherently rely on top quality images of products. Customers always have the desire to actually see what they are purchasing. If your photos and images are subpar, the customer may feel that the product is inferior, so make sure your images are top quality.

Also, each and every image is yet another opportunity to boost search engine ranking signals and add SEO value. While you do want most of your ALT tags in your photos to be different, you have an opportunity to add relevant keywords to the tags to optimize your images for SEO.

Clean Up Your Links

There isn’t much else on the Internet that is as disappointing as a broken link, especially on ecommerce sites. Just when you think you have found the product you are looking for you, it is nothing short of infuriating to get a “page not found” message. Broken links can drive customers away from your site in droves and harm your revenue, so make sure you keep all of your links clean and functional.

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