3 WordPress Plugins Your Blog Can’t Do Without

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Anyone who wants to build a strong audience and establish themselves as an authority site in their niche undoubtedly needs to have a blog. Blog content is an incredibly useful tool to deliver and share information with visitors to your site as well as a method to drive more traffic to your domain. Unfortunately, because there are thousands upon thousands of handy WordPress plugins, people commonly overlook some of the best tools.

Social Media Tools that Allow Rapid Content Sharing

If your WordPress blog has failed to take advantage of social media, it’s time to update your site. There are many different plugins that allow visitors to your site to share content they like through the most current social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are all incredibly effective at driving traffic to your blog provided two things are true:

  • You post unique, quality content
  • You provide visitors with a method of sharing your content

A few of the more popular social media sharing plugins include Monarch, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, Social Share & Locker Pro, and WP Sharely. After a visitor to your website decides that they want to share a piece of content from your blog with their friends or social network, all they have to do is click a button and you get free marketing. And better yet, your content has the potential to spread through a social network like wildfire. Anyone else who views your content then has the ability to share it again with their friends and followers as well. Social networks can give your blog a lot of marketing leverage, but only if you take advantage of them.


The only thing more irritating to a web surfer than a broken link is a link that sends them to a low quality, spammy site with lots of pop-ups and ads. LinkPatrol is a wonderful tool that will help you manage and maintain all of your outbound links. It helps you by auditing all of your links and anchor texts and then displays the information in human-readable form. This is a must have for any blog where users have the opportunity to post their own links. If they post a link to an inappropriate site, this tool will help you monitor them.

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It is absolutely critical that your website caters to mobile users these days. The number of people who use smartphones, tablets, and other mobile web browsing solutions has skyrocketed in the last few years, and current trends show that the number of mobile users is only increasing. For this reason, if you aren’t using a responsive theme, you need to install WPTouch on your WordPress site to optimize your content for a wide variety of screen sizes. Have you ever tried to browse a website that wasn’t optimized for mobile on your phone? Let’s be honest; it is nothing short of tedious! It is not enough to simply consider the viewpoints and interests of your audience when building your website and posting content, you must also consider how they will access your information.

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