With guest speaker and LinkedIn marketing campaign specialist Josh Turner

LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful online platform for prospecting, lead development, & establishment of authority that is available to businesses.  Yet most are not even scratching the surface of LinkedIn’s vast potential.  In this free webinar, we will focus on how you can dramatically improve your LinkedIn profile to attract prospects and bring them into your sales cycle.  While most of your peers are using LinkedIn as little more than an online business card, you'll learn the methods to turn your profile into a lead generation tool.

You'll Learn:

  • Josh TurnerHow to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract prospects.
  • Which areas of your profile impact LinkedIn's search algorithm.
  • Why you want lots of LinkedIn connections, and the easiest ways to achieve this.
  • Best practices for keeping people engaged with your profile.
  • How to convert LinkedIn "profile views" to connection requests, leads and sales.

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