Starting a 12 month SEO campaign is the best way to start the process of ranking for those keywords you desire. Being on page one of an industry-related search result means more warm leads, more website traffic and more revenue. Just call for pricing. Included in a full hands-on SEO campaign is:

Keyword Research
We help you discover which keywords hold the best potential for growing your business, and we work with you to pick those keywords which you believe can increase your revenue.

Weekly Ranking Reports
See how your website compares to the competition by keyword. Watch your website climb each week.

Call Tracking

Every WIMB client receives a special phone number that goes only on their website. This number is forwarded to their regular line and is then 100% trackable and optionally recordable for training.

Monthly Analytics Updates
See where the traffic is coming from, where your most popular pages are, and what seems to be your weak points.

Link Building
We build links consistently so that the search engines "learn" just what your website is about and how to rank it accordingly. Every link online is a "vote" for your website, and those with the most votes have a good chance of winning. (Disclaimer: We do not purchase links nor recommend the practice)

Article Marketing
Much like link building, article marketing is a terrific way to increase your overall exposure online. Our staff of writers will produce articles related to your industry and we will submit them to hundreds of quality article directories over a period of time producing consistent growth in backlinks.

Optimized and/or New Landing Pages

Along with finding out the best keywords for your website, we'll also optimize your current pages and create new landing pages to help you increase your warm leads.

Project Management Access and Special Access to Presentations

Part of being our client means you'll have access to future informational webinars, sessions and other online presentations that we do. You'll have access to your own project management area which will keep track of your entire SEO campaign, all messages, files and writeboard ideas.

Access to the WIMB Knowledgebase
All clients have access to email us with questions, ideas and comments. Got a question or idea about a new page? Just ask us!