NTR6: Marketing Expert Steve Smart


When it comes to marketing, a lot of business owners shoot from the hip – they don’t really have a solid plan in place. This week’s guest Steve Smart is an expert at taking businesses (and business owners) and building a plan that methodically attacks marketing from many angles. He asks great questions and has some awesome systems that you’ll really enjoy learning about.
You’ll Learn

What is D.A.V.E.S.?
8 Questions every business owner should ask when preparing a marketing plan
About the lady with 4 thumbs
Why taking a smart approach actually saves you money
How to raise your ROI without acquiring new customers

NTR5: Family Business Growth & Leadership Consultant Bill Prenatt


Have you ever wondered why you aren’t selling more, or why you go to some sales calls and the potential client just doesn’t seem to “get it”? Maybe the problem isn’t their mood or the coffee – maybe it’s you! ┬áThis week’s broadcast we talk about selling, systems and how to get to “Yes”. […]

NTR4: Productivity Expert Cathy Sexton


Our fourth episode is all about being more productive – you know you need this! Guest Cathy Sexton is a top selling author and speaker that helps businesses not only be more productive, but also look at systems and processes that they have (or don’t have!) in place to keep the place running smoothly. […]

NTR3: Public Relations Expert Ed Mayuga


In the third episode of NTR I talked with Ed Mayuga from AMM Communications. Ed has several things going on – he just returned from Content Marketing World 2014 and he’s helping launch a new website. He’s been doing public relations with his wife Ann Marie since 2008 in the Saint Louis area. In […]

NTR2: Digital Marketing Expert Russ Henneberry


Episode 2 is our first guest episode and we started off with a bang. Russ Henneberry has done content marketing for some pretty big names like Neil Patel and Ryan Deiss. He is a huge wealth of knowledge about creating content that drives sales – both directly and indirectly. The entire broadcast went just […]

New AdWords Callouts – Promote Your Best

Yesterday Google announced that they’ve added the option to put ‘callouts’ on your PPC ads – something that can be quite cool and set your ads apart from the others. Offering free shipping or perhaps a promo code? As long as it’s within their guidelines, you can do it.

There’s something similar to this with […]