More WordPress Vulnerabilities Discovered

Half of the battle keeping up to date with online security is simply identifying risks and threats. Knowledge is power, and you can’t defend against unknown threats. WordPress is an extremely secure web platform with a lot of benefits such as ease of use and content management simplification, but it’s not perfect. You need to stay on top of web security by knowing the latest threats to different themes, plugins, and code modules. The following are the latest threats, exploits, and vulnerabilities in code modules related to WordPress. [...]

The Foundations of Great Content

Anyone with a website has undoubtedly heard someone say that ‘content is king’ already. However, it is one thing to understand that your content needs to be top-notch and an entirely different matter to deliver that top-notch content. In addition, those that don’t have strong writing chops feel like they can’t succeed online. To further compound this problem, some people simply don’t have the time to develop and hone strong writing skills.

If that weren’t enough, some talented marketing professionals absolutely abhor writing. If you are frustrated with your content development and want to improve but simply don’t know where to begin, consider the following techniques to improve the quality of your content. [...]

Get Inside Their Head – The Psychology of Search

Why Did You Type That?
How much benefit will SEO add to your business? SEO seems to be half art and half science, and the benefits from your SEO campaign are only as good as the person you hire to optimize your online presence. Your SEO professional needs to understand how to define your target market as well as understand what drives the choices of your market. This quality is what separates fantastic online marketers from the mundane. Does your SEO professional consider the underlying mentalities that drive the actions and choices of your market, or do they just see your target audience as numbers in a keyword or analytics tool?

Keyword research tools are provide invaluable insight into search traffic statistics, and modern online marketers couldn’t do without them. However, they do little to explain why and how users search for the solutions to their problems. Understanding the mentality, psychology, and behavioral patterns of your target market is a powerful tool that can be used to help you rise above the white noise in your industry. Having a better understanding of human behavior as it relates to web searches is crucial knowledge if your business has even a small online presence. [...]

The Evolution of Link Building

One of the cornerstones to a complete online marketing strategy is building high quality back-links. Sure, sure. We have all heard that Google has long done away with spammy practices, article spinning, and content mills as they relate to SEO. However, knowing these facts doesn’t give you one iota of useful knowledge that you can apply to your future digital marketing efforts.

These facts only help you understand what not to do by bolstering your defense against unethical practices. However, online marketing strategies are won with offense. Instead of only avoiding traps, you also need to understand how to take action to build a strong back-link profile. [...]

Live Website Critique June 2

LeT's Do SomEthiNG CraZy!
At 11:00 am on Tuesday, June 2 I'm going to do a live critique of 4 websites.

And by critique I mean tear them to shreds.

Join me and learn:

What I look for when auditing a website for SEO
How I'd improve each website's ranking and revenue
Overall marketing tips for each website's niche
Problems I see [...]

Optimizing Your Site for Search Engine Bots & Spiders

Many website owners are concerned with one thing and one thing only – getting to the top of the SERPs for their keywords. After all, who doesn’t want boatloads of free organic search traffic? Unfortunately, webmasters are often too focused on SEO in terms of keyword optimization, content quality, and other relevant ranking signals to the Google search algorithm. Too often website administrators forget to start with step one: the crawling process. [...]