NTR14: Executive Recruiter Turned Entrepreneur Bryan Crawford

Have you ever been in a job where the hamster wheel of life seems to never end? That's where Bryan Crawford was in his own family's business - pounding the phones, doing the things every employee is supposed to do - but not really getting much farther down the road of success.  Finally Bryan thought, [...]

The Comment Conundrum

Wouldn't it be great if you could put out a piece of content on your website, and that content was continually updated and improved with no additional work on your end?

There is such a thing - it's the ability for people to leave comments on things you write.  When you give this ability to your visitors, you not only get free content, but the search engines love you more because every time they come back to a page on your site, there is more keyword rich and industry-related information about your product or service.

For instance, check out this blog post. The company, STLBeds, created a great piece of content on the problems people were having with memory foam.  This piece took a few hours to craft, and resulted in a total of 916 total words published.  Since that piece went live on their site, they've had over 150 additional, free comments added.  The result? As of writing this piece, 20,469 words - all related in some way to memory foam, mattresses, and other keywords that STLBeds is targeting in the first place.

Many people, however, shy away from asking for comments, or they disable them altogether.  That's a tragedy - they're missing a huge opportunity for free content.  Below are my thoughts on the comments section of your website, the various ways to handle it, and why some great WordPress plugins don't really do the trick.


The Five Keys to Website Awesomeness

In 1923, Daniel Starch wrote a famous essay called The Principles of Advertising.
An advertisement," he wrote, "to be successful (a) must be seen, (b) must be read, (c) must be believed, (d) must be remembered, and (e) must be acted upon.
At the time, Starch was a visionary in the field of ads, and many of his essay points still ring true today, even in the digital world.

Your website is your advertisement to all passer-bys.  Just like an ad in a local magazine or newspaper, if it sucks, it won't be remembered, and it won't be acted upon.

Let's dissect this a bit and see how you can improve your overall website ROI and attain website awesomeness. [...]

Common Mistakes that Hurt Your SEO

Whether you own a small business or a mature brand, a website is a critical component of your business that needs to run like a well-oiled machine. However, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that your website’s ability to generate quality leads is the cornerstone of your online presence. Many times webmasters get carried away with other important yet distracting aspects of their website such as graphic design and presentation. If you want your website to outperform your competition and survive the next Google algorithm update apocalypse, be certain that you don’t make the following mistakes that can really hurt your SEO (search engine optimization). [...]

5 Ecommerce Tips Everyone Needs to Follow

SEO is critical to ecommerce websites and businesses. Informational websites have a content advantage because their actual product can many times help them rank higher in search engines. With ecommerce sites, however, the product is not a piece of content or writing. For this reason, ecommerce website owners need to take extra care that their website and content follows certain guidelines to maximize profits.  Use these 5 ecommerce tips to increase your sales and boost your bottom line. [...]

4 Things Your WordPress Website Desperately Needs You to Do

Keeping your website properly maintained can be a real challenge, especially if you aren't up to date on current internet trends. The web is constantly changing, and you need to adapt to the latest events not only to survive, but to thrive. Follow these tips to ensure that your WordPress website is performing flawlessly. [...]