May 2015 Google Changes: A Roundup

Keeping your eye on the most popular search engine in the world is paramount to the success of any online business. Late last year and in early 2015, Google had been very calm and quiet – too quiet. We knew we were long overdue for a new overhaul or update that would upset SERP rankings and cause Internet marketers to pull their hair out, but we weren’t sure when it would surface.

As many of you know, last month we were graced with another update to the Google algorithm that was anticipated as being biggest change we have seen in the recent past. In fact, the online community dubbed the mobile update ‘the mobilepocalypse.’ In addition, Google seems to have been making further changes in the month of May. However, first and foremost, we need to take a look at the results from the mobile update from last month. [...]

4 Steps to Understanding Your Customers with Personas

After you have defined your target market and have a deep understanding of their core needs and values, your next step towards marketing success is developing marketing personas. You might be asking yourself, “What the heck is are personas and why do I need to create them?” Basically, a marketing persona is the aggregate of target audience information that takes the form of fictional characters.

These characters exist to represent the different types of people who would be interested in your product, service, or website. Your character models need to be based off of your target market research and can even be influenced by website analytics. The whole point of creating these personas is to increase the depth of understanding you have about your market. Armed with a deep understanding, you can make better marketing decisions and improve your sales strategy. [...]

Identifying Target Markets and Understanding Your Audience

One of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make is disregarding your audience. It doesn’t matter how spectacular your product is if you are not able to reach a well-defined target audience. Without knowing who you are trying to reach and what those individuals personally value, need, or desire, your marketing efforts will inevitably fail.

Understand, though, that defining one target market doesn’t necessarily mean that all other potential customers are excluded from your marketing campaign. Often times a target market is comprised of smaller market segments. The trap that you want to avoid is the mentality that your marketing efforts should be focused on anyone and everyone who might have an interest in your product or service. To avoid this kind of thinking, use the following considerations to gain a clear understanding of your target market. [...]

NTR18: Pricing Expert Dale Furtwengler

Do you think you're under charging? Or do you have any idea if you're charging enough?  This week's guest will help you understand how to price yourself according to which types of clients you want to attract.
You'll Learn:

Why business owners struggle with pricing.
What is it that customers are really buying.
How business owners typically come [...]

Five Common SEO Misconceptions

Many people suffer from the same delusions of SEO. Business owners from all kinds of markets may have an expert understanding of their industry, but don’t understand why they need an expert to continuously monitor their web presence. A lot of people have a lot of misunderstandings about SEO for two reasons.

Firstly, the game is constantly changing. From search engine updates to new social media channels, you have to be knowledgeable of the latest and greatest trends to have any chance of success. [...]

Terrorists Attack WordPress Sites

ISIS Security Risks: Foreign Extremists are Hacking Domestic Websites
Shockingly, the one and only United States FBI has issued a warning to website owners against potential online attacks from supporters of the well-known group ISIS. Many Americans have seen the extremist group in the media, but until now, most domestic Americans have felt that the extremist group couldn’t harm them because they are on the opposite side of the planet. However, their actions are being felt around the globe. It seems that sympathizers of the organization have WordPress sites in their crosshairs and have been exploiting code vulnerabilities for their own purposes. In fact, the attacks have become so concerning that the FBI has issued a public service announcement. [...]