Tips on Improving Your Calls to Action

A lot of time and effort is used to attract a user to your website. Once they are there, the next challenge is to get them to spend time to hear your message and view your content. In the end, none of it matters if the users will not take action after the fact. This in and of itself can be a challenge, but creating a compelling call to action can have persuasive effect on your audience. Follow these tips to strengthen the power of your calls to action (CTA).
Where Does a Call to Action Belong?
There is no cut and dry answer to this question. However, there are guidelines that need to be taken into consideration. If your content’s first goal is to create a need for a product or service or explain the benefits and advantages of your product or service, the call to action is usually placed at the end of the writing. [...]

Blogging Mistakes: Guest Blogging & Article Spinning

The internet powerhouse Google constantly and relentlessly tries to improve the user experience of their search engine. As more and more updates to their algorithm are created, common SEO (search engine optimization) methods and other procedures to drive traffic to your site either change or become deprecated. When the sands shift and circumstances change, companies can lose massive amounts of visibility because of these blogging mistakes. Also, if you engage in activities or practices that Google deems unsavory, you will be penalized and lose traffic. One of the more recent activities that Google has declared to be a ‘no-no’ is the previously common practice of guest blogging for link building. [...]

Five Conversion Optimization Tips for Your Website

SEO is a powerful and valuable skill to have, one that is a bare necessity for the success of your website. However, it seems that past SEO, many webmasters and website owners fail to utilize conversion optimization. While SEO aims to drive more traffic to your website, conversion optimization aims to increase the revenue you generate from the current amount of traffic your website receives.  This is important, and should not be overlooked.  Here are five conversion optimization tips that will help you get more out of your current traffic.
Tip 1: Never Stop Optimizing
Websites, by nature, are meant to be dynamic entities that require constant attention and frequent updates. Once you have tested your site for conversion optimization several times, you may feel that the job is done. But as your website is updated, a variety of factors can change that affect your conversion rate. Each page you add presents you with a new opportunity to maximize conversions. [...]

NTR 12: Business Broker Dave Driscoll

Are you thinking ahead?
Do you want to sell your business someday?

Did you know that 40% of businesses are in some state of transition - from one owner to another? And that 75% of a business owner's net worth is directly tied to their business?

Looking into the future is critical to your future.  Understanding what things you can do now that will positively affect your future can help you get out at the right time, get paid and live, as Dave says, your Life After Business.

In this podcast, I talked with Dave Driscoll from Metro Business Advisors about exit planning, business succession and all kinds of other selling-your-business things.  Dave is truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to preparing a business for selling! [...]

Facebook Marketing: Don’t Miss the Boat!

Facebook Marketing and Advertising
Reaching your target market can be a real challenge, especially if you aren’t keeping pace with the latest technology trends. Traditional advertising can be extremely ineffective because it doesn't always allow you to reach your intended audience. If you aren't utilizing social media advertising tools such as Facebook, your business is missing out massive amounts of market exposure and revenue.
Astounding Facebook Statistics
The largest social media site is, of course, Facebook. This social media giant has over 1.28 billion users monthly and over 97.6% are active users. In the United States alone Facebook has 128 million active users per day. In 2013 the American population was approximately 316 million people, so each day this social media site has a number of active users equal to roughly 40% of the American population. [...]

Inbound Marketing: Blog Marketing

Why Your Website Needs Expert Marketing Help

Many businesses understand that they need a well-designed, high quality website to impress potential customers and turn a lead into a conversion. However, most people don’t understand the most effective ways to attract users to their website. There are numerous marketing methods and media channels that are each conditionally suited for different purposes. But what are the most effective ways to increase your organic traffic rankings that won’t break the bank?
The Benefits of Blog Marketing
Other traditional types of marketing and advertising fall short of blog marketing for several reasons. Blogging is an extremely effective way to increase the number of people who see your web content. This is one of the many aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By adding fresh new content to your website’s blog on a regular basis and targeting select keywords, you can improve your rankings in popular search engines to increase leads and ultimately conversions. [...]