Saint Louis SEO Meetup Discount

With the end of the year just around the corner, we tend to start thinking about 2015 and how our business can move forward to be even more prosperous.  Part of succeeding next year is having a solid online marketing strategy – one that Red Canoe Media wants to help you with.

Every month, Red Canoe Media hosts an Internet Marketing meetup – always a different subject, always packed with terrific information for the attendees.

Our meetup schedule is always the same – 2 high level meetups on a particular Internet Marketing related subject ($10ea), and then an in-depth workshop the third month ($57).

If you attend all of our meetups and workshops, you’d pay $308.00 individually. […]

Is Your Business’s WordPress Website at Risk?

Last week some 100,000 WordPress websites were compromised due to a vulnerability in a couple of the available (and popular) plugins. The name of the plugins are RevSlider (Slider Revolution) and Showbiz Pro. The bug has allowed the websites using outdated versions of these plugins to be infected with malware and allows hackers access to and control of the websites.

The error is present in all versions of RevSlider code versions earlier than 4.2, which was released in February of 2014. Additionally, all Showbiz Pro versions earlier than 1.5.3 are affected, but the patch to correct the bug was released in January of 2014. […]

NTR 10: Speaker & Author Fred Miller

If anyone ever asked me to make a top 5 reasons why I think my business is so successful, I’d put public speaking in the number one spot.  I truly believe it is the biggest reason why Red Canoe Media thrives.  And a lot of that is thanks to today’s guest Fred Miller.  Fred wrote […]

NTR 9: Web Marketing Expert Caren Libby

Listen, if you need a website, you need Caren Libby.  Her expertise and years of work in various fields have given her a special appreciation for small businesses and their struggles with marketing.  Caren has a terrific background and unique way of helping business owners find out just what pieces of the marketing puzzle […]

Which of My Marketing Channels are Working?

I often get questions from clients about their various marketing methods, wondering if they’re really working.  A big one, for instance, is Yellow Pages.  Their sales people are pretty slick at sales, but can crumble quickly under any sort of questioning related to their claims.  Instead of just believing their hype, use your data to back up their claims or call their bluff.
Setting the Scene
First, set up a goal in Analytics that’s specifically for tracking what you consider to be a conversion.  Typically this means someone filled out a form on your website and ended up on a Thank You Page.  If that’s the case, then simply tracking how many people end up on that page would give you your amount of conversions/leads. […]

NTR 8: Financial Wellness Expert & Podcast Host Steve Stewart

I’m just going to jump right out and say it – podcasting is fun. If you’re looking for new (and, ahem – fun) ways to grow and promote your business, you may just want to check out the craze which is podcasting.  Today’s guest is no stranger to that craze – going on his […]