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New AdWords Callouts – Promote Your Best

Yesterday Google announced that they’ve added the option to put ‘callouts’ on your PPC ads – something that can be quite cool and set your ads apart from the others. Offering free shipping or perhaps a promo code? As long as it’s within their guidelines, you can do it. There’s something similar to this with

Online Assets

Online Assets Every Business Owner Should Control

I’m not the kind of guy that calls out companies and bashes them for doing something that I’d consider wrong or unethical, and I’m not going to do it today.  But beware – there are a lot of Internet marketing companies out there that own YOUR company’s online assets – and if they go out of


Will Hanke Featured on Smart Biz Radio Show with Ron Ameln

Earlier this year I was honored to be a guest on the Smart Biz Show with Ron Ameln. The 4-part interview covered everything from blogging to float trips – give it a listen!

Website Mechanic

Becoming a Mechanic of Your Own Website

If your website were a car, how would it run? Would it be an efficient machine, getting your business where it needs to go and taking your business to places you’ve never seen? Or would it be extremely inefficient and maybe even smell a little bit? I’d be willing to surmise that most small business


Do I Need a noscript Tag on My WordPress Site?

Google recommends that the noscript tag be removed from your header file.  Here’s how to find out if you have it and what to do about it.


How to Add a User to Your Google Webmaster Tools

These are the steps to add a user to your Google Webmaster Tools account. If you are adding Will from Red canoe, you’ll use the email address listed in the video. Otherwise you’ll add whoever has requested access.