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7 Tips for Small Businesses with Low Marketing Budgets

If you are a small business, you don’t have the luxury of being able throw big bucks at a high-end marketing strategy that is going to reach millions of people. It’s really a chicken and egg scenario. How do you increase your income and boost your marketing efforts if you are already having financial challenges reaching your audience? Feeling trapped in and endless cycle is agonizing when all you want is to grow your business. Fortunately, Internet marketing is a great way to reach your target audience without breaking the bank, and there are a seemingly endless number of possibilities at your disposal. Instead of giving up on marketing altogether (which would be a colossal mistake) consider some of the following things you can do to enhance your online marketing efforts on a limited budget. [...]

Setting Up a Facebook Tracking Pixel for Retargeting: Step by Step

A while back Facebook partnered up with three of the biggest data collection companies in the US.  On top of knowing about all your likes and what's going on in your life, they now have access to other information about you - the size of your family, things you buy, where you shop, what [...]

More Content, More Profit

If you don’t already have a blog or your blog is so stale and outdated that you can’t remember the last time you actually posted content, your business is tossing an opportunity for great revenue right out the window. While it’s true that some bloggers use content management systems as a hobby, they are actually instruments that can be used to build trust with your target audience and increase sales. To help you capture increased profits, consider these ideas: [...]

Your Website is Dead (To Me)

One of my favorite shows is The Shark Tank on ABC. In the show, entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and business models to investors, hoping for an infusion of money and/or expertise. One of the investors (called sharks) is Kevin O'Leary. Kevin comes across as being purely money driven, and if a deal sounds bad to him, or an entrepreneur declines an offer from him, he typically says "You're dead to me."

In some ways, your website visitors say the same thing to you about your site. In fact, look at your bounce rate and you'll know just how many people thought the same thing. They hit the BACK button or went on to a different site because something didn't seem right. Something on your site didn't answer a question or solve a need that they had, so they moved on.

Luckily, this is something that can be fixed, or at least improved, through testing. In fact, if you aren't testing on a constant basis, your website really is dead. [...]

Keeping Up: Google’s Latest Changes

Much to the chagrin of business owners everywhere, Google is always changing the game. However, it can be tough work keeping up with the latest changes and developments with Google. It’s good to stay in the know and monitor the latest changes to keep your head above water.

Failing to respond and adapt to the latest Google algorithm changes could mean that you lose ground to your competitors – and ultimately lose revenue. This month, Google has announced many changes for the future, but the three most relative to the present are the latest refresh of the Panda algorithm, the restrictions placed on the auto-completion API, and the addition of stores’ peak hours. [...]

What Google Really Has to Say about Link Building

Contrary to what you may have heard, Google isn’t entirely opposed to the practice and idea of link building. Because of some abusive link building schemes in the past, link building has gotten a bad reputation. While it is true that a 100%, natural and organic back-link is the best, it’s not the only legitimate way to bolster your back-link profile. [...]