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4 Social Media Strategies Most People Forget

Social media is anything but new, and people have been turning to sites like Twitter and Facebook for years now to stay current with the latest news and trends as well as promote their business, products, and services. With the explosion of social media technologies in the last decade, you would think that just about every business would be leveraging them to their advantage, but there are still a fair few businesses today that are missing out on enormous amounts of revenue because they forgo social media marketing.

On the other hand, there are businesses that are just going through the motions and not optimizing their social media strategy for maximum effectiveness. Most of us have set goals for the New Year by now, but you should also take the time to rethink your social media strategy for 2016. With so much on our plates, we can easily forget the fundamentals or make silly mistakes that hurt us in the long run.

Make sure that you avoid the following social media blunders as we move forward into 2016. [...]

All Links are Not the Same – What’s Yours Worth?

As we all know, links come in many shapes and sizes. And as long as they are back-links from quality sites, you can bet that they are going to help you rank higher in Google – the more the merrier. You probably also already knew that on-site links help boost your ranking signals to the Google algorithm as well, and they can even boost ancillary factors such as your bounce rate. The thing that most people don’t know, however, is what different characteristics of links have an effect on their quality and how these factors can be manipulated ethically. [...]

Doing Social Media Right

I have a different philosophy on social media for small businesses than many.

In my opinion, (I stressed that on purpose) there are two different ways to use social media; as a producer or as a listener.  You can be one or you can be both.  But boy does it take some time (something most small business owners just don't have). [...]

How Broken Links Can Ruin Your SEO Efforts

If You Have a Website, Then You Need This Critical Information
Links are a critical part of any SEO endeavor, and they do a lot to not only help you capture more organic traffic but also to help keep your audience engaged on your website. As most people already know, the number and quality of the backlinks you have from other websites is one of the many metrics that Google uses to determine where your website ranks in the SERPs. And though Google doesn’t reveal how heavily weighted their metrics are, you can bet that your backlink profile plays a significant role in your SEO performance.

But that’s only half of the reason why links are so crucial to your performance. You must also consider onsite links. You need to make sure that you make every effort to include onsite links for two reasons. First of all, they can help Google find content on your site. Though you should already have an XML sitemap to help the Google bots crawl your website in order to feed your content through their advanced algorithm, you should also have on-site links for the same purpose. [...]

What The Hell Happened: Episode 21

Featuring Andrew McCauley (@andymac71) and Will Hanke (@redcanoemedia)
Watch the Replay


Info-Graphics versus Other Visual Content

Info-graphics have been around awhile, and they're a great way to create shareable content.  But most people don’t understand how to use them to their benefit. The truth is that info-graphics have been a viable way to drive traffic in the past, but you need to have a solid understanding of different types of [...]


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